React Developer Average Salary
React Developer Average Salary

A simple user interface, known for optimal performance, hot and live reloading, react comes up with the versatile benefits. Also, there is a large community of developers bringing more innovations. Simple user interface, support for third party plugins, overall offering more stable applications. You might also be thinking of why react is the choice of everyone? Because of the integration of agility of web applications and high-speed responsiveness to develop hybrid applications, creating cross-platform applications to enhance the native app experience. Not only this, but it also ensures smooth user experience and efficient processing. But what is React Developer average salary?

It is going to be widely based on experience and location. So, let’s explore How much do react developers make in different countries, also their basic and average salaries.

Average salary of React Js Developer in different countries

Here is the detail of How much a react developer earn in different countries, React Developer Average Salary.

React Js Developer average salary in the USA

A junior react js average developer salary in the USA is approximately $75k per year. The JavaScript developers can also earn up to $107k per year, depending on their experience if it is more than 20 years. In the year, 2019 it was $113k per year, but now economic crisis all over the world it is $107k per year. React js is also a dynamic and flexible front-end JavaScript library for building UI. It is also one of the main reasons which makes its job demanding all over the world’s markets. Although the developers must also go from a steep learning curve but still developing apps by utilizing react is fun and provides learning experiences.

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React Js Developer average salary in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the average salary of React Js developer per year is $29,765 per year. The reason why the react js developer salaries differ all over the world is their proficiency level. Do you know Ukraine is an ideal choice for hiring a React developer? It is also mainly because of great tech expertise. The trust of world-renowned companies all over the world, such as Skype and Microsoft has R&D centers located in Ukraine. Moreover, in Eastern Europe, it is also one of the most top IT outsourcing locations. Ukraine is perfect in everything regarding React development, so Junior React developer’s salary is $1,500 per month. And also a senior react developer salary per month is $3,500.

React Js Developer average salary in India

After the USA, India is one of the top-ranked countries for providing expert react native developers. Many reputed companies in India have brought innovations in React development such as TechAhead, Appinventiv, Bacancy Technology, and Innofied Solution. Developed amicable web applications and also created unique superior sites. In India, the average salary of a react developer per year is $18,875.

React Js Developer average salary in Australia

Like all other countries in the world, Australia also offers the highest paid salaries to React developers. According to experience, developers also get the highest salaries. If you are a react developer in Australia and have the 1-year of experience, you will get $58k. 1 to 4 years experience get $68k, 5 to 9 years experience get $88k, and 10 to 19 years experience salary is $103k. On average, a react js developer average salary per year is $112,229.

React Js Developer average salary in Germany

Germany is one of the most influential countries in organizing the events, hackathons, and conferences regarding react development. Amazing developer hangouts where you can easily find out the react native and React.js developers. Germany hosts virtual and face to face events for react developers to engage them in high-quality network connections. In Germany, the average salary of a react developer per year is $64,502. There are many platforms in Germany where you can easily find a react development job. So, sharpen your react skills and get the desired job in no time.

React Native popular all over the world

React native has become a crucial go-to framework for developing iOS and Android applications all over the world. For all the capabilities, react-native applications are also lightning-fast. Automated code updates support, and utilization of few resources as compared to native applications. It gave many opportunities for developers to build fast and build apps without no support from mobile app developers if you are a general-purpose developer.

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Mstweaks following the world’s trend also guides you regarding react development. Whether it’s React Navigation 4.0 in React Native or Fast Refresh in React Native 0.61, complete guides are available. For more information and queries regarding react development. Contact us.


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