5G network for the better performance of VR and AR applications
5G network for the better performance of VR and AR applications

The 5G network designed not only to facilitate mobile users but also to bring innovation in the Internet of things and VR. 5G will also help to solve the problems of latency and bandwidth, which 4G and other precedent network users are facing right now. Moreover, to boost the full potential of augmented and virtual reality, the 5G network will help a lot. The effect of a 5G network on virtual reality is of considerable extent because of low battery consumption. The spectrum and energy efficiency will also depend on the top level in a 5G network. According to this, we can say that 5G network for the better performance of VR and AR applications.

5G network concept comes up to solve the two main issues of AR and VR. The augmented and virtual reality needs consistency and lower latency for the best user experience. So, with a 5G network, the game lovers will experience a smooth usage.

5G: an innovation  

Yes! 5G is an innovation. It will transfer data rate within milliseconds. Even it would not be wrong to say that it will transfer data like sound. Currently on 4G network users can download data up to 1GB per second. But here comes an innovation 5G will make users download 20GB data per second. 5G network for the better performance of VR and AR applications will also astonish the world with the following features.

Which technologies make 5G different from 4G 

The 5G is better than 4G in every respect because of advanced technologies. It includes full duplex, beamforming, small cells, massive mamo, and millimeter waves technologies. Additionally, the speed which is 10gigaytes per second makes the 5G more promising than 4G. 5G network will get launched at the start of the coming year and will take the user experience to the next level. If we describe all the new features and technologies of 5G network, it will take a day at least in proper understanding. Let’s jump to the 5G network for the better performance of virtual applications.

Effect of 5G on VR and AR 

In the coming year 2020, people will use AR and VR to shop online. It will improve their experience of shopping. But AR and VR full implementation is possible only after consistency and low latency achieve. We all know that how important is AR for the commercial sector and the improved gaming experience. The high bandwidth demand for augmented reality can be fulfilled only by using the 5G network. The benefits of 5G network are numerous. Let’s see one by one how its effects AR and VR.

Frequency effect  

We have mentioned above that 5G uses millimeter waves technology. Its frequency range is from 30 to 300 GHz. The researchers claim that it will triple or even higher the ratio of small cells installation for the implementation of 5G network. The radiations which will emit after implementation of 5G network in cities will affect people. Wearing the devices to head and eyes to use AR and VR will affect eyes. These radiations will affect the oven radiations. But the main point here is that oven radiation helps us to defrost food. But how we will be going to tolerate these radiations.


If we talk about the connectivity, then there would be a positive impact on VR and AR. The network performance of both VR and AR will optimize and will improve the user experience by eliminating the interference factor. Our current need is to handle a thousand devices, including sensors. 5G provides more data to consume maintaining reliability.

Million connections 

5G will flourish the tech of AR and VR by providing a million links. There will be no problem with streaming. It will also solve the issue like the requirement of PC in VR for streaming. Everything will be on Cloud. The users will be able to access anything at any time.


The world is currently adapting all the smart technologies, whether it’s an intelligent house or vehicular ad hoc networks. All will require 5G for better functionality. The concept of remotely accessing the applications have evolved. For VR and AR, telepresence is too much important. VR and AR users want their user experience to be secure and with spectral efficiency. So, the 5G network will fulfill this demand.


We all know that AR is essential in the commercial sector, and VR is still in its evolving phase. So, 5G will make both technologies to use at cheaper rates. Well, it’s a myth or reality. We will come to know about this when 5G will get launch.


The quality of service is essential for all the new real-world applications. 5G will improve the quality of service for augmented and virtual reality for sure. It designed in a way to establish the pre-connection and data link connection smoothly.

According to the proposed features of 5G, it looks like 5G will have a positive impact on VR and AR applications. There is only one factor which must be controlled, and that is radiation.

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