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We have never thought that a day will come when machines will be able to read our minds. Artificial intelligence prevailing to control human emotions through machines. It was us who made them, designed their structure, and instruct them to do so. But now the latest technology trends are changing lives to a great extent. You guys have read in the news that Facebook is researching in promoting cool mind reading tricks. It is beneficial for epilepsy patients and outstanding research in the field of psychic. So how this mind reading technology will work? It has taken the basic idea from Stephen Hawking’s strategy, like choosing letters from synthesizer screen. Stephen Hawking’s cheeks muscles controlled the display to output the words he wants to speak. It was a painful strategy, so the new one is based on the brain.

Why the need for brain-reading technology evolved?

The human’s speech disability prompted neuroscientists to work on easy mind reading tricks and technology. You might have seen patients unable to move and speak (paralysis). But their brain is still working. So, for epilepsy patients, this technology is no other than a miracle. So, all about the brain reading trick is that it will translate the brain speech of epilepsy patients into words. The people who are prisoners of their bodies have now something to get relief. Machine learning techniques help to decode the thoughts and change them to readable text.

How decoding of brain speech works?

The neuroscientists have fixed electrodes to the patient’s skull to record the brain activity. Not only this, but they also have worked for the decoding of brain speech into audible sounds. Till now, neurosurgeons have become successful in decoding the few chunks of sounds of patients thinking. So, we can also say that brain-reading technology has introduced the world with a speech decoder.

There are three things behind the working of the speech decoder. Neuroscientists have decoded brain speech by calculating brain activity. After calculation, it moved forward towards an understanding of speech stored and processed in the brain. The mathematical tools have been developed by the scientist to make the brain speech understandable to everyone. Just like in cryptography text encoded with the key to make it inaudible and then to decode with a key to make it audible. Similarly, mathematical tools have the decoder algorithms to decode brain speech.

Goals of mind reading tricks

The brain reading tricks has also enabled the doctors to get answers from patients regarding their likes and dislikes. The doctors are working on bringing more advancements. The new promotions comprised of getting detailed feedback from the patients. The doctors have two primary goals. One is to improve the algorithms of the software to get more precise and also an accurate speech decoded results.

The doctors are working on bringing the idea of “imagined speech” into reality. It is all about the sentences of the head. It is the idea of taking control of the brain signals sent to larynx, tongue, and lips.

An issue in brain-reading technology

Brain reading technology is providing benefits to epilepsy patients. But a problem is worth considering, will it show the personal thoughts to the public? Well, the researchers have explained this issue like the decoder finds the muscle’s activity. So there are fewer chances of private thoughts to show up. Researchers have only considered the patient’s difficulties and launch this technology to make them able to communicate the essential things.

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