Best fixes to resolves VPN Error 0x80072746 on windows 10
Best fixes to resolves VPN Error 0x80072746 on windows 10

Sometimes the VPN error message 0x80072746 comes on your screen while loading emails. This error code depicts that there is a problem while downloading messages because of disabled internet connection or wrong account information. It is a clear indication of existing HTTPS non-compatibility with VPN connections, or the remote host forcefully declined the connection. Here we are going to explain the Best fixes to resolves VPN Error 0x80072746 on Windows 10. Before the best fixes, we will explain why this error message pops up on your system’s screen? 

Why error code 0x80072746 pop up?

It mainly occurs while syncing the Windows Mail app for receiving emails. Users encounter this error because of the VPN connection on Windows, unable to bind certificates on HTTPS. It also occurs because the server machine does not install the certificate on the server machine. Let’s jump to the best fixes to resolves VPN Error 0x80072746 on Windows 10.

Windows Defender Firewall

If you disable, the firewall for sometime to allow VPN to establish a strong connection can fix this issue. After disabling the firewall delete the mail account on which this error message shows up and then again install the application. It will resolve the VPN error code, and you will also be able to enable the firewall again. After performing the below mention steps, you can smoothly use the email application. First of all, disable the firewall and then perform these steps:


  1. Go to mail application and tap on settings
  2. In the settings, go to manage accounts and then tap on trouble maker
  3. after checking trouble-maker, you will see an option of delete account
  4. Delete the account
  5. Now enable the windows defender firewall by right-clicking on windows logo, select the option run
  6. It will open an empty dialogue box. Type the command “wf.msc” and press ok
  7. Now go to properties>Public Profile>Domain Profile and click Ok

Now use the mail application. It will run without showing the VPN error message 0x80072746.

Fix manual settings 

Usually, this VPN error occurs in email applications other than Gmail and outlook. In these apps, windows are unable to configure settings properly, so you have to set-up the settings manually as mentioned in the steps below: 


  1. Open the email application and select the option of manage accounts from the settings section
  2. In the manage accounts option click on change settings, it will show you an option of account settings 
  3. Go to account settings and select the option of delete this account from your device and press the Delete button to confirm it. 
  4. Now visit the email service provider website to manually copying the IMAP settings
  5. After copying the settings again, follow the above steps to reach to manage accounts and select the option of add accounts
  6. Add an account, click on advanced set-up and add the manual IMAP settings you copied from the email service provider website
  7. After performing these steps sign in to your email account. Now you can use the email application without encountering the VPN error code 0x80072746. 


The above mentioned two best fixes are easy to do and fix the VPN error within minutes. It not only fixes the VPN error but also improves the performance of email applications. You can also use other Best fixes to resolves VPN Error 0x80072746 on Windows 10, such as enabling svchost.exe in third party firewall. It is one of the best repairs but hard to use by some users. You can also change the VPN settings and check the relevant machine certificate on the VPN server to fix the VPN error code 0x80072746.

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