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Only the Pro games understand the need for a gaming mouse, ultimate gaming experience, customized tweaking with improved software. Also, it supports the high CPI and DPI, faster movements with the help of sensors as compared to a regular mouse. The best gaming mouse must have unique play styles, such as additional buttons for MMO and RTS gamers, to perform the macros efficiently and alternative functions as compared to FPS gamers. The best wireless gaming mouse helps FPS gamers in quick tracking and accuracy. Which of the qualities must be there in the best budget gaming mouse? Can the best cheap gaming mouse also offer customization, functionality, and comfort? Here we have compiled a list of 5 Best gaming mouses to use with gaming laptops. But before that, always look for the following requirements before purchasing the best gaming mouse. 

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Things to consider before buying the best gaming mouse

Before purchasing any gaming mouse, match the CPI and DPI with your gaming laptop. There must be harmony in the size of the gaming laptop screen and DPI, larger screen, higher DPI, and vice versa. CPI and DPI determine mouse sensitivity, a boosted gaming experience requires a wide range of sensitivity, so there is a need for high DPI and CPI in any best gaming mouse. Grip style and weight of gaming mouse also matter a lot in delivering the best gaming experience. Good Software customization and less disruptive lightning in gaming mouse help you in playing high-speed games efficiently. Let’s switch to 5 Best gaming mouses to use with gaming laptops. 

Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

Following the legacy of Death Adder design, Razer DeathAdder Elite is a good gaming mouse with an excellent optical sensor, Lift-distance wizard, and separate X/Y-axis tweaking. It has the best grip and perfect for every hand size, only the small hand size people finds it awkward when using with fingertip and claw. With the ergonomic and attractive design, people surrender to buy this, but sometimes sharing privacy to program the mouse seems horrible to users. This ultimate gaming mouse is best with the mandatory bloatware, but the account registration is awful. Fantastic performance in the FPS games and MOBA, desired customization well suited to preferences with few programmable buttons. 

 Razer DeathAdder Elite  
Programmable buttons7
Weight3.7 ounces
ColorClassic Black
Batteries1 AAA batteries required
Sensor technologyOptical

Features and Design 

In the front, claw design with well-manicured talons, slim lines, and matte-black appearance make this gaming mouse an ultimate pro—modified hourglass with modern mouse style and perfect ergonomic fit, best for right-hand people. Holding it from the back and looking forward, a hamp effect beneath the index finger, overall delivers the relaxing gameplay with a good palm grip. The fast rate platform also offered due to splayed front sections of right mouse and left mouse buttons– a firm claw grip for the FPS and Moba actions. Less tension during the gameplay due to responsive and robust mouse wheel, less or no repetitive motion injury. Two-button DPI solution relaxes the index finger while using, and you perform gaming operations with higher DPI.

The weight and other dimensions of this gaming mouse are 1.7 inches high, 2.8 inches wide, and 5 inches long with just 3.7 ounces weight. There are 7programmable buttons that allow you to do complex macro functions and button remapping. Rubberized Scroll Wheel, ridged provides the maximum accuracy with small tactile bumps, strengthen the grip and more control in highly competitive games. Durable mechanical switches with 50 million clicks support and High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor. 

The reprogrammable dedicated DPI buttons offer Fly sensitivity adjustment for creative work and gaming. Customizable, Immersive Chroma RGB Lighting sync with the gameplay and offers 16.8 million colors w/ included preset profiles. Razer Synapse boost your gaming experience with the versatile color range and reprogrammable buttons. 


Razer mouses have a broad and versatile portfolio, among which we choose this gaming mouse, due to its 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma RGB Lighting and matte black design. With rubber side grips, 7 programmable buttons, and mechanical switches, an award-winning ultimate gaming mouse. The polling rate is 1000Hz, fast hand movements, and can handle accelerations up to 50 G. At 450 inches per second (IPS), it maintains the accurate tracking is an ultimate high-performance gaming mouse. The most advanced optical sensor and efficient mouse mechanical switches it offers high efficiency. Only some design flaws make it uncomfortable to use for the left-handers. But if you are right-handed and want professional esports and fighting competition games, then it is the best choice. 

SteelSeries Rival 3 – Gaming Mouse

It’s a low price, solid performance, and distinctive RGB lighting– an entry-level gaming mouse. Having an optical sensor type with a sensitivity of 100-8,500 CPI and up to Up to 1,000Hz (1ms) polling rates, a perfect example of design with comfort. It has not the extraordinary features, but in this low budget price, it offers the SteelSeries Engine 3 support customization and an attractive RGB lighting. The missing braided cable sometimes makes it weak during gaming operations, but for the people who want the best gaming experience in a low budget, it’s good for them. At such a low price, this gaming mouse designed to give full control during high competitive games. Let’s explore its design, features, and gaming performance. 

 SteelSeries Rival 3  
Programmable buttons6
Weight2.7 ounces
Batteries1.1 volts
Sensor technologyTrueMove Core optical sensor

Features and Design

It weighs just 2.7 ounces with the dimensions of 2.3 inches wide, 4.75 inches length, 1.49 inches tall from the back, and 0.85 from the front. There are six programmable buttons, one left and one e right mouse button, DPI switch, two side buttons, and one smooth scroll click button. It is manufactured with hyper durable materials, and polymer construction ensures durability. The mechanical switches with 60 million clicks deliver the crisp feel during the gaming operations. It has TrueMove core optical gaming sensor – True 1 to 1 tracking, 8,500 CPI, 300 IPS, 35G acceleration all at such a reasonable price. Dry textured and additional traction in the design controls the sweat even after using it for several hours. Ideal prism lightning, 16.8 million beautifully crisp colors designed in the three different color zones to provide the best lighting during usage.

There is an on-board memory, which saves the keybinds, up to 5 CPIs, and polling rate. The discord notifications and up to date lightning show depicts its highly customizable lighting effects. This mouse design helps in an easy grip and comfortable usage in several hours of gameplay. 


It has high-end games compatibility because of the TrueMove Core sensor with the support of 100CPI increments in the range of 100 and 8,500. An entry-level mouse with such a fantastic Razer’s Focus+ optical sensor delivers the best tracking. If you want to play games like Apex Legends, Call of duty, and Fortnite, it does not miss any tracking resolution at all. Moreover, the 1,000 Hz polling rate guarantees the higher standard responsiveness, and there is not any hardware lag during gaming. The utmost reliable performance, even with the small frame, mechanical switches, and mouse buttons, gives smooth clicks of 60 million. Overall performance is up to the mark, only the braided cable downgraded, but people adjust to this because of other amazing features and low price. 

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite, MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse

Corsair Scimitar RRGGB Elite gaming mouse is best for the arm aimers with comfy design. The MMO and MOBA game players find it challenging to handle the macros, and Corsair Scimitar gaming mouse has covered this efficiently with its unique design and amazing features. It also reduces your bind with the keyboard, and you get full control of the gaming operations. Although designed especially for the MOBA/MMO but it even best as an FPS mouse. The people who do not have any issue within tunning the binds, plug, and play find this mouse best. People love this RGB elite MOBA/MMO gaming mouse because of its versatile customization, comfortable design, and accuracy. 

 Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite  
Programmable buttons17
Weight9.6 ounces
Batteries1 AA batteries required
Sensor technologyOptical

Features and Design

As we mentioned earlier, designed best for the arm aimers and palm grippers with the 9.6 ounces weight. The whole mouse surface is made up of rubber with a textured scroll button on the front. At the bottom, there are two DPI buttons with the textured cutaway at the right giving your finger a resting place. There are 12 programmable buttons at the left side as a keypad and overall loaded with 17 fully programmable buttons. These versatile 17 programmable buttons help in executing complex macros in the MOBA/MMO gameplay and frequent actions. It also has the patented Key Slider control system, which allows you in the reposition of 12 side control buttons; it perfectly fits your grip.

A hardware macro playback consisted of three predefined profiles for the actions command. These commands help in general-purpose keyboard shortcuts as well as the MMO gaming actions. A 16000 DPI Optical sensor for gaming-grade customization, also has the high-speed tracking engine and delivers ultra accuracy. Highly optimized responsiveness and sensor precision come with the surface calibration tuning Utility. PixArt PMW3391 native 18, 000 DPI optical sensor, helps in the unique customization of DPI resolution steps adjusted in 1 and also provide the best accuracy and high tracking rates. There is no fear in the extended gaming because of the support of braided cable and the highly reliable, durably created scroll wheel. Highly compatible with all the PCs and gaming laptops with the comfortable design of sculpted contours, a firm grip, and a resting place for the right side finger.

Overall it has a classy design, but some find it expensive and can not bear the heft weight. Also, some are not satisfied with its extensive design and extra buttons, but people crazy for extended gaming love its programmable buttons for controlling macros. 


Overall its performance is remarkable and best for the games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. But the games like the Royale Battlefiled and distant gunshots sometimes missed because of heft weight. People at first find difficulty in navigating buttons, but once they get used to it play with the high comfort and full control. Moreover, the bundled Allen key makes it easy for you to slide the button array and adjusts in accordance with the hand position.

Design-wise buttons look small, but these small buttons help the thumb in navigating quickly, and quick, easy installation of software helps in the smooth performance of playing MOBA/MMO gameplay. The ergonomic design, highly programmable, customizable buttons, and 18,000 DPI sensor delivers the high responsiveness and accuracy in playing the games like League of Legends. It’s intelligent control unbox the unlimited possibilities, and it’s like playing the game like the way you want. The buttons look small, but the alternating textured row buttons make this gaming mouse adjustable in any hand size and promise the firm grip. 

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse


A perfect suite of 11 buttons, used wirelessly via powerplay or USB and wired, it is one the best gaming mouse for playing games with distant shooting such as Fornite and Call of duty. Highly compatible with the powerplay charging mat, tunable weights, and programmable buttons. What else you need to boost your gaming experience? Logitech known worldwide for their RGB keyboards and gaming accessories, launched this wireless gaming mouse to help you play games with full control. Playing wired or wireless, it’s like play as you want and plays with a class. With the support of wireless charging, it also stands at a high position in the queue of high-end gaming mice. Its lightspeed wireless charging has solved the problems of other wireless gaming mice, such as high latency and low battery. Let’s explore its design, performance, and features to measure its compatibility with the games. 

 Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED
Programmable buttons11
DPI16, 000
Weight4.6 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Sensor technologyUltr-fast wireless

Features and Design

Logitech known for bringing the innovations so is the case with this G502 lightspeed wireless gaming mouse because of Hero 16K optical sensor. This sensor reads the 400 IPS and also promises the DPI rating of 16,000. As compared to its previous version gaming mouse, it delivers the high CPI and DPI, and best tracking rate. Designed matches to the right hand oriented people, with 4.6 ounces weight not so heavy and work smoothly delivering the maximum responsiveness. This wireless gaming mouse fulfills the demands of pro gamers worldwide. A hyper-fast scroll wheel and 11 highly customizable buttons complete the design with a unique essence. There is individual assigning of command shortcuts and macros with the support of Logitech G hub software. It is designed according to adjustable weight systems where you can get the balanced tuning and personalized weight with six removable weights.

There is an integration of RGB lightsycn technology, 16.8 million colors with a wide range of customizing the RGB lighting. The gameplay sync with your machine lightning, and you can also create personalized RGB animations. So, ride the Lightspeed and play at the speed of light with this unique ionic design reinvented. With the 24.23 Cu. Inch (397 Cu. centimeter)24.23 Cu. Inch (397 Cu. centimeter) volume, 5.1″ (13.0 cm) length and 1.6″ (4.1 cm) fits perfectly to every hand size. It offers high portability as a wireless gaming mouse or with the support of cable/ Receiver storing. 


The Logitech G502 lightspeed gaming mouse, known for its strong performance of sensor due to 100 CPI (DPI) as a minimum CPI (DPI). It offers a lift-off distance of 1.2 mm; now, you can easily switch position during gaming actions. 1000 Hz polling rate and 50 CPI (DPI)adjustment steps make the performance stable and reliable. The wheel scroll of this fantastic gaming mouse well suited to infinite scrolls, wireless charging with powerplay mouse pad. It delivers the best performance with extended battery life and almost no latency. You can get unlimited benefits of the cordless controller with a new signature Wi-Fi wireless technology known as Lightspeed. You just have to download the firmware, and everything connects instantly, this feature eliminates all the hurdles of gameplay. An addition of 2g or 4g weigh in the chassis to matching with your needs also makes this wireless gaming mouse unique and reliable. 

Corsair M65 Pro RGB – FPS Gaming Mouse 

We have mentioned Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite, MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse in our list, and now following the same legacy, M65 Pro is best for FPS players. Although mouse arsenal is quite small but it is one of the best high-end gaming mice in the market. Quite impressive design, unique look, and high tracking rate, with tunable weights and adjustable DPI sniper button, do you still need any other feature to make your gaming experience seamless? We have chosen this gaming mouse as one of the 5 Best gaming mouses to use with gaming laptops due to its excellent performance, robust RGB lightning, comfortable grip, and smart buttons layout. Here is the complete detail of all the fantastic features, design elements, and performance of the Corsair M65 Pro gaming mouse. 

 Corsair M65 Pro RGB  
Programmable buttons5
Weight5.9 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required
Sensor technologyOptical

Features and Design

Lightweight and small structured mouse but the fantastic surface and angle makes it fit for not only the gaming operations but also for the office tasks as well. The grey plastic body with black plastic chassis with no extra design elements on the right side and even the resting point for the short thumb on the left. It’s design great for claw grips because of elevated pal, for resting, and excellent control in the middle. An intelligent button layout textured scroll wheel, and right and left clickable buttons. Optical Sensor – Adjustable DPI Sniper Button offers the 12,000 DPI, and this button is just below the two thumb buttons. The FPS games experience boosted because of this snipper button, which was missing in some other high-end gaming mice.

Now the shooting with it has raised to the next level; just hold this button with the thumb, and it helps you in aiming precisely. It lowers the DPI sensitivity up to 500, and then you can aim carefully. You can tune from 1 and 3, 6 grams weight because of the tunable weight adjustment button by removing the screws from the bottom.

High customization

There is Surface calibration tuning utility, which helps you in the optimization of high responsiveness and precision on the playing surface. With the sniper button positioning, you can better optimize the fly DPI switching making the mouse speed match to the gaming operations. The Power of CUE not only helps in the mouse configuration but also programming the custom RGB lightning and double macros. There are eight programmable, highly strategical buttons helping in button configuration and customization, giving the freedom to play the game in the way you want. High capacity ‘Omron switches’ rated for 20 million clicks: ensure reliable performance that holds up through even the most extended campaigns. Corsair Utility Engine supports the unusual color configurations and over 30 seconds, you can switch between the dark, light blue, and purple colors–energetic color patterns, brightness, and fantastic lighting effects. 


It’s a gaming-grade sensor; a custom tunned high accuracy sensor offers 12000 DPI for pixel-precise tracking. The conventional buttons give control and a firm grip, but the snipper button helps in the further shooting, a perfect aim. And also, the snipper button guarantees no loss of the shoot even the hand is sweating on the chassis. Its thumb grip is remarkable, playing games like StarCraft: Remastered, World of Warcraft, and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, the gaming operation performed at high-end gaming speed with firm thumb grip. The better software, RGB lightning with color customization it is perfect for FPS gameplay. Overall the performance is remarkable, but the weight adjustments are a pain sometimes like screwing from the bottom and then adjusting, not to the precision. But because of its intelligent control giving unlimited possibilities, FPS players do not want to miss this elite RGB gaming mouse. 

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