Data mining techniques in IoT
Data mining techniques in IoT

Devices communicate and collect data from other devices. Nowadays, they have become able to make decisions and also to process data. IoT is enabling the tools to do so. The Internet has revolutionized in the easy access and fast communication of information. The problems which humans faced while communicating through the Internet got solved by the Internet of things. Data mining techniques in IoT also helps in addressing issues of IoT.

Benefits of IoT

Internet of things is a system of interconnected digital and computing devices, people objects, and animals possessed with unique Ids. They can connect or also transfer data over the network without a human to human communication and human to computer interaction. IoT has also made the machine to machine communication easier. It has increased performance, efficiency, and quality. IoT also gathers the bulk of data from sensors installed heterogeneous devices. This bulk amount of data also preserved on a server. This accumulated data over the period also helps in making optimal future decisions. As we have elaborated the need and benefits of IoT in society. Numerous devices are going to emerge as IoT connected devices by the year 2020. Data mining techniques are also required to make decisions what will be best for IoT in the future.

What is data mining

Data mining is the extraction of useful and previous unidentified information from raw data. There are two phases of data mining in IoT. The first phase is the collection of data from technologies like RFIDS, sensors, and Bluetooth. The second phase also comprised of extraction of meaningful information by applying any data mining technique. Data mining is connotative in IoT applications, just like all other areas. Data mining techniques in IoT are facing many challenges regarding security and performance.

As we have progressed in 2020, there are versatile applications of data mining in real life such as E commerce, artificial intelligence, retail sector and mobile service providers. The implementation of “collect and store” data techniques in science and engineering other than statistical techniques has shifted technology to the next step. There is a three step process such as new data exploration through mining, fetching new results output, and also the experiments with the process. The scientific domains such as global positioning system, astronomy, satellite sensors and geology also help in collecting large amount of data.

Not only this, but also in computer science data mining helps in finding out the software bugs, monitoring the data, finding faults and discovering plagiarism. It also helps in deducing the views and opinions and analyzing the user’s feedback. So, overall data mining is helping the businesses in boosting productivity and eliminating the flaws.

Challenges of data mining

Many startup companies who offer IOT solutions neglect the security feature.  It led to an enormous amount of data wasting time. No specific security depicts the low efficiency of data mining technique. IoT application accumulates the ting information, which leads to noise information. IoT wants constrained devices to work on high-performance parameters regarding power and capacity. This thing makes security not get implemented in the standard way and produces illegitimate data. Distributed devices also provide a massive amount of data which make challenging to differentiate what is useful and not. Distributed IoT devices accumulate information from numerous varying formats leading to data heterogeneity. This collection of heterogeneous data makes data mining task challenging.  Real-time operations in IoT devices make the data mining task challenging. Timestamps also required in generating optimal decisions regarding data mining.

How data mining works in actual

Data mining’s first step is the preparation of data from diverse resources. Before forwarding this collected data to the next level, the noise effect counterbalanced. The second step of data mining focuses on the collected data behavior to implement in the application of IoT. This data by going through these three steps finally presented to the users. There are many data mining technique, such as association rule mining, classification, and also clustering-based data mining.



Classification based data mining comprised of different classes which have distinguishing functionality from each other. The rating has pre-defined classes and objects assigned to them according to their functionality. A classification assigned data to different categories and then gather data from them. The classification works according to statistics of marked and unmarked data. The labeled data is the pillar for future prediction of data. The unmarked data will be taken by the classifier to get classified. Classification data mining technique work according to NT and NR.  It is the ratio of the total number of data and the right number of ‘data objects. If the classification technique is high, it will also work efficiently for an application. If it is low, it will fail for the IoT application.


Clustering takes the unmarked data to give them the shape of meaningful information. This work in the manner that the same group data objects exhibit similar characteristics and different group data objects exhibit different characteristics. Clustering data mining technique make aware of the data which work similarly for one group. That also means for all the data objects of one group; there will be the same behavior of information. Clustering divides the input of data in clusters. These clusters further can combine with other techniques to fetch desired and meaningful information.

Association based

Association based data mining focuses on the co-relation of a different massive set of data. It is the searching of data that occur with each other frequently. All work different data objects correlation. It based on confidence. Confidence also ensures that the diff data objects will be with each other. Support and determination are the two main parameters in this choice to fetch meaningful information from a massive set of data. This article data mining techniques in IoT has elaborated enough for the different IoT application’s characteristics.

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