Different ways for backup of an iPhone
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We click many photos every day, install new apps, receive videos and images from different social media platforms. All these things make our devices full of essential media. What if any cause leads to the loss of data? Yes, there are several causes such as malware, viruses, and hardware damage which lead to the loss of data. There is an option of data backup for every system in this world to handle this situation. The data backup generates a copy of critical system files and to use them when any loss of data occurs. So, as data backup is vital for any system’s user, Apple provides different ways for backup of an iPhone. Did you ever face problems while backing up your iPhone?

We can use iCloud, iTunes, and third-party vendor solutions to backup an iPhone. There are also online storage options available to backup apple devices. The backup of Apple devices let you transfer your whole data to another newly purchased device. Here is the simple guide depicting different ways for backup of an iPhone.

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It is one of the easiest and adapted way of iPhone backup. Simply on the feature and get automated backup. To enable the automatic backup through  iCloud , follow the steps mentioned below:

Home Screen>Settings>Apple profile>iCloud

After entering into iCloud screen, if asked, then enter credentials for your Apple ID.

Tap iCloud backup, it will show the option to on and off the switch. On the switch and go back to the home screen. Only make sure one thing that you have an active internet connection to on iCloud backup.

After this check your latest backup list. For this, go to iCloud as mentioned earlier and then manage storage and finally check your device. It will show you your most recent backup data.

It is no doubt an easy way to back up your iPhone, but the only problem is that it only provides 5 GB storage. To store the content of more than 5 GB, you will have to pay monthly or yearly to buy storage.

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There are online storage options available in the form of applications. These applications are sync with the cloud storage to backup data from your Apple device to that storage. It is a better option than purchasing the storage space from iCloud. It is less expensive and easily accessible as well. But here we will highlight the fact that less expensive things always have some limitations.

The limitations of online applications for backup of iPhone are no backup of text messages, application data, voice mail, and documents. Although the boundaries of online applications for data storage are numerous, these are less important. Many of the users are interested in only photos and videos. So, for them, it is one of the best options.

The online applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud drive gives you an option to store your essential documents. Here we would like to suggest one thing. If your voice mails, text messages are crucial, then backup them by using the iCloud.

For backup of media, the library uses online storage images. The switching of options will solve your storage problem, and you will have not to pay as well. Moreover, uploading images to online applications allow you to share it with other platforms easily. In iCloud, this option is not available.

[vc_custom_heading text=”iTunes “]

The apple devices would have never adored if there was no iTunes. Yes, it is true. It allows you to sync your device to other Apple devices and computer system. Backing up an iPhone with iTunes is one of the easiest ways in all the different ways for backup of an iPhone. You must have a computer system with installed iTunes. You can connect your iPhone with iTunes by using internet connection or USB cable. Here are the simple steps:

Install iTunes

After installation, there will be a control panel. Connect your phone by using the internet or cable.

Go to the summary on iTunes panel then go to File>device>Backup Now

iTunes has worked to diminish the limitations mentioned above of iCloud and online storage options. It stores all with ease whether a file, voice mails, text messages images or music. You can add music to iTunes library and enjoy it all the time. The only limitation it has is it is not automated. You must manually do all this. But according to our suggestion, it is best. At least, you do not have to pay for it 😊

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