Different ways to find computer specifications on Windows 10
Different ways to find computer specifications on Windows 10

It is important to know about the specifications of a computer before buying it. The performance and over all look of a computer system depends on the specifications. The main specs of computer which decide the performance are RAM, storage, battery, windows and screen. While purchasing a new computer system, the first thing which anyone ask about specifications is RAM. A RAM decides how many of applications can run on an operating system. The higher the RAM the more the computer processes will process efficiently. It is a matter of great importance that you must know about the specifications of computer. The specs let us know that which of the software’s are compatible with our system. So, as to know about the computer specifications is important, here are different ways to find computer specifications on Windows 10.

Finding windows specifications using run Box

The run box helps you to fetch the overall specifications of the system by writing the command of “msinfo32” in run box. Here are simple steps and images which will help you to find the complete specs of your system.

First, press the window logo button. Then  write “Run” in the search field. A dialogue box will open like this.

After clicking “Ok”. A system information window will get open.

The opened window will display all the specifications about the system. In the image you can see on the top left corner is “System Summary”. It comprised of three things

  • Hardware resources
  • Components
  • Software environments

By clicking any of these, drop down will occur depicting sub specifications and other information about computer system. As we have mentioned in the above that there are different ways to find computer specifications on windows 10. So, other easy ways are as follows;

Finding specs through settings

It is one of the simple and less time consuming way to find windows specifications. Firstly, press windows logon  button. Then write “settings” in search field. A window will open like this.

After the above window get open, write “about your pc” in the search field of “Find a setting”. A window showing basic specifications of computer will get open like this.

You can scroll down to this and can easily view the basic system specifications.

Command Prompt

Just by writing a simple command, command prompt provide us beneficial information. There are many important commands such as “ping”, “tasklist”, “system filechecker” and “pathping”. It enables the user to get information and to fix bugs of system just by writing simple commands. We will provide complete info about these commands in our upcoming articles. Lets move towards finding specs through command prompt.

Press the windows logo button, then write “cmd’. You will see a blackscreen window like this

After this window get open write “systeminfo” . You will see the processor will start loading and all the specs of system will get displayed on screen as in following image

As we have all the different ways to find computer specifications on windows 10. One  thing more we will highlight is that system information makes us also know that how system is working, updates and viruses protection. So, checking your specs on and off makes you well aware of your system. Like finding specifications, there are also several ways to rename computer on Windows 10.

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