Different ways to fix ios 11 Bluetooth issues
Different ways to fix ios 11 Bluetooth issues

We have entered the era of the internet of things. Competition among different technologies is bringing advancements, but some of the implementations do not fit application scenarios. The continuous disconnection of ios 11 from Bluetooth is one of these examples. Bluetooth is the key to connect to car digital systems, earphones, and speakers, so a dysfunctionality led users to a significant problem. So, here we are going to mention different ways to fix ios 11 Bluetooth issues. Before fixing, we would enlighten you with common ios 11 Bluetooth issues. 

 ios 11 Bluetooth issues

Here is the list of the problems which an iPhone user faces in Bluetooth connectivity. 

  • Repeatedly dropped connections 
  • Different devices compatibility 
  • audio distortion 
  • Sometimes, problems are due to Bluetooth headphones and audio tracker 
  • confusion of keyboards with different ipads 
  • Poor working because of connecting the older and newer version of Bluetooth

Different solutions to fix ios 11 Bluetooth issues 

Here are different ways to help you in resolving Bluetooth connectivity issues in ios 11. 


Computer programs and different applications comprised of a set of changes known as patches. Patches are the updates helping you fix, remove bugs, and improving the overall performance. So, if you are facing problems in ios 11 Bluetooth, then look for the updates of your digital car systems, tablet, computer, and applications. Any application controlling your Apple device must be updated not to face the Bluetooth issues. Always check for firmware and peripherals updates


Restarting your Bluetooth accessory and iPhone can also fix the connectivity issues. Waiting for 2 to 3 minutes after restarting your Bluetooth accessory and then checking for it’s adequately charged refreshes your Bluetooth connection. We are suggesting this because of ios battery issues. Moreover, restarting the Apple device on which you want to connect Bluetooth without issues is also the right solution. 

Set stable Bluetooth connection 

Sometimes there are conflicts of devices, and this is the main reason that Bluetooth depicts fluctuations while using. So, there is a need to set a stable Bluetooth connection. How can you set a stable Bluetooth connection? Does the interference of many devices bring fluctuations in Bluetooth connectivity? Yes, it’s true to some extent because of the same frequency of wifi and Bluetooth. Different Bluetooth devices face problems in connecting to more than one Apple device at the same time. To use the Bluetooth efficiently, make sure to disable it on all the other devices. Any physical interference affects Bluetooth connectivity. So take care of this and also make sure to disable the wifi while using the Bluetooth. 

Forget the Bluetooth device 

 If there are still problems in Bluetooth connectivity after taking care of the above solutions. Here we propose another one. If, because of the ongoing update process, Bluetooth performance is bad, then forgetting the Bluetooth device and pairing it again is the best option. Here we are going to mention step by step process by which you can forget the Bluetooth accessory and then pair again. 

  • Go to settings and look for the option of Bluetooth.
  • Select the Bluetooth option and look for the connected devices 
  • In the list of connected devices, unpair the device you want to 
  • After forgetting the device, look for an accessory mode 
  • In accessory mode, you will find options of devices to pair
  • Select the device you want to pair and enter the passcode. 

Performing these simple steps, refreshes Bluetooth, and things get align in a better way. Similarly, you performed these steps if you reset the network settings, then it can also improve the Bluetooth connectivity in ios 11. The following are the steps by which you can reset network settings on the Apple device. 

  • Go to settings and tap on the option of General 
  • General>reset network settings>provide passcode>confirm 

Resetting the networking settings can also boost the Bluetooth issues. 


Sometimes, following the solutions mentioned above does not help. So if this the case, then go to the nearest Apple Store and check for hardware problems. The first approach, if you are facing the ios Bluetooth issues, is to look for software updates and bugs, and second is to look for hardware issues. 

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