How to enable chrome dark mode on Android?
How to enable chrome dark mode on Android?

At night, when we want peace and to avoid the bright harshest light, dark mode on applications is no other than a blessing. It not only reduces eye strain but also saves the battery life of devices. The newly launched chrome dark mode is appealing at night because of less eye strain surfing.

Out of all the latest updates in google chrome, forced dark mode is the best one. It adds the dark mode to every website, whether it has a dark theme installed or not. Google has launched this forced dark mode feature by taking into account the color inversion theory. It has nothing to do with the source code, and websites start appearing in the dark mode because of color inversion theory. The newly launched chrome dark mode is available on all browser versions of different smartphones, such as iOS and Android. Today, we are going to elucidate how to enable the chrome dark mode on Android? 


The android users of version 5 or above can easily avail of this chrome dark mode feature. Here are simple steps for how to enable the chrome dark mode on Android: 


Go to the home page of your android device and search for Google chrome 


Tap on the Google Chrome icon, after launching the chrome, tap on the top right corner for the drop down menu


 In the drop down menu there is an option for the settings


Go to settings and choose the option of themes from the bottom 


Tap on themes and it will take you to the page showing system default themes that are light and dark.

You can switch to any mode. Now switch it to the dark mode and you will start seeing dark Google chrome pages

If still you are unable to see dark mode in your chrome browser then restart it and it will start to appear.

The latest smartphones facilitate us with the dark mode, enabling it all the applications and homepage of smartphone switches to dark mode. Most of the people love to enable this mode on for battery saving and to save eyes from bright rays.

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