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React Native team introduces a new reloading experience that is Fast Refresh in version 0.61.

Fast Refresh for reliable hot reloading

When the React Native team asked many developers about the major issues that they are facing in React Native, one of the top answers was unreliable “hot reloading”, hot reloading does not work well with Stateless Functional Components, often fail to update screen even after pressing series Of Ctrl + S and it wasn’t resilient to the typos and mistakes.

Introducing Fast Refresh in React Native 0.61

So to fix this issue React Native team introduces Fast Refresh in 0.61 version. Fast Refresh in React Native is basically a combination of both hot reload and live reload.

It fully supports modern React, including Functional components and Hooks. Fast Refresh skillfully recovers from the typos and mistakes and even it does not perform invasive code transformations hence it’s reliable enough to be on by default.

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Other major improvements in React Native 0.61

1) New useWindowDimensions Hook

This is a new hook that can be used in the replacement of Dimension API.

2) Improved CocoaPods Support

In React Native 0.60, the team tried to integrate CocoaPods by default. Unfortunately, this broke builds using use_frameworks!. However, it is fixed in version 0.61, making it easier to integrate React Native into your iOS projects that require building with dynamic frameworks.

3) React is now upgraded to 16.9

The new version opposes old names for the UNSAFE_ lifecycle methods, includes improvements to act, and so on.

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