Five things you should know about cyber-warfare
Five things you should know about cyber-warfare


Now in the era of digital media, only conventional war methods are not used to destruct the enemy. Besides using just the traditional methods of destroying the enemy, cyber-attacks, and digital attacks in his primary functioning system are becoming more common. We can simply say that Cyber Warfare: Nation’s security is at stake. Attacking someone in disguise is getting more and more common. Hackers can hack the national systems too that contains secret and censored information about the country. In this way, the victim country will be very vulnerable to his enemies. In this way, the danger of cyber-warfare is increasing day by day. So, here we compiled a list for five things you should know about cyber-warfare to make your systems strong and less vulnerable.

National Investments

Governments are well aware of the fact that cyber attacks can be as fatal as an army attack with tanks and troops. If we are subtle, they know cyberattacks can be more dangerous then the conventional attack because it can happen any time, and they cannot retaliate it instantaneously. Much time is needed to trace out the origin of the attack, and till that time enemy can examine your whole network, find vulnerabilities, attack them, and damage you severely.

That’s why governments are investing in cyber-security and trying to make their digital system robust enough so that hackers and cyber viruses cannot quickly intervene and do any damage. Moreover, they are also adding artificial intelligence as the cyber security strategy.

Targets of Cyber-Warfare

As we know, everything is now on the digital medium. From business to military systems, everything is digital and can be hacked. In a cyber-warfare, the priority will be the military systems so that the army chunks couldn’t coordinate and work accordingly, and the advantage of their this disability can be taken. One of the crucial component of our communication channels regarding national security is web. There is need for securing the web. In our recent suggestions, we provided to check for the testing of web security by using pattern-based approach. It saves not only from exploitation but also enhances the exploration.

Moreover, in developed countries, most of the system relies on a digital medium. Like a national database, power stations, and national transport system can be hacked. As a result of this, the system will be destructed, and chaos will be created in the whole country that can be very destructive for the nation.

Defense Against Cyber-Warfare

For preventing the national systems from digital attacks, normally, the same strategies of cyber-security that used for standard systems are used. Some common strategies to defend your system from hackers and malicious viruses are

  • Strong Passwords
  • Keeping Firewall On
  • Update Antivirus installed
  • Change of password periodically  
  • Data Back-up

It can, if not wholly, resist the hackers to intervene in the system then at least stop them from making any severe damage. Not only secure the control policies but also look for different hardware components of computer systems to make them secure. That can be helpful to some extent. Moreover, if there is danger from any specific entity, terms should be negotiated so that any particular threat can be solved because, to some extent, hackers may intervene.

Cyber-Warfare at the moment

Some of us think that cyber-warfare is not in at the moment, and it is not so important. But nobody knows the truth accurately. But as more than 30 countries are investing in their cyber-security and intelligence teams. We can say that it is not of less importance. As it can create much chaos in a whole country and destroy their communication. So, it is like the entire country is blind, and you can easily defeat a blind person.

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