Different ways to flip a computer screen
Different ways to flip a computer screen

Have you ever experienced the upside down of computer screen? If yes, then you are on the right platform as we are going to mention the different ways to flip a computer screen. But before that let’s explore what are the reasons behind the flip of computer screen.


Here is the quick view of reasons mentioning different reasons of flip of computer screen

  • It occurs most of the times when you update your PC
  • If you do various changes in windows registry or also accidentally make changes in the undetectable directories
  • Installing windows on your Mac through Boot camp sometimes lead to the unusual issues and one of them is the upside down flip of a computer screen
  • By accidentally pressing the keyboard keys CTRL+ALT+ARROW. by pressing any different key with CTRL+ALT+… will flip the screen accordingly

Now let’s jump to different ways to flip a computer screen.

Using keyboard shortcut combinations 

We have mentioned above the reasons why computer screen flip in different position accidentally. If it happens then use reverse keyboard shortcut keys to change them again to your desired position. Here are the four important keys you must be aware of:


Changing the display settings 

You can easily change the computer screen position in Windows 10. Simply press the windows logo key + I and a window will open like this:

Tap on the system located at top left corner of window. After this a dialogue box will open like this

Here you will see an option for “display orientation” it will be a drop down menu so select the options according to your requirement. Like in what position you want to change the position of computer screen. After selecting your desired position also do not forget to tap on save button in windows 10 and “OK” button in Windows 7, 8 and other versions.

Intel Graphic method 

First of all install the graphic drivers according to your computer model. After installation right click on the desktop to view the options. One of these options will be graphic options and also a side bar menu will open showing the option of rotate. Tap on rotate and there will be option of rotate to 90, 180, 270 and 0 degree. Here you can easily flip the computer screen according to your desired position with a single tap.


The different ways to flip a computer screen mentioned above are simple that even a naive user can change it. Like recently we mentioned different ways to find com spec, cmd role in effective usage we will also keep on sharing these simple steps with you in future as well.

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