Google play pass improves the digital experience
Google play pass improves the digital experience

Google has always competed with APPLE market to provide the best applications and specifications in android devices. Just like Apple arcade, Google has also launched the Google play pass to facilitate the game lovers on one platform. Google play pass improves the digital experience, but how? It is because it provides 350plus games and applications without in-purchase and ads-on requirement. Well! It is a fantastic achievement.

Currently, this is available in the United States, but it will also get launched in other countries soon. So, one thing is important here to highlight, Google Play pass does not provide access to all the games available at play store. But for which apps and games it offers access, they are also one of the most popular apps.

How to install Google Play pass

As we are heading towards proving the fact that Google play pass improves the digital experience. So, we will also mention here that how easily you can install it and can add multiples profiles on a single account.

Steps for installation 

  • Open the play store and look for Google play pass
  • If you are not located in the US, you will not find it
  • If you are in the US, install Google Play pass
  • Start a free trial or add subscription
  • After you subscribe to play pass with valid payment method add family subscription group (if you want)
  • The process of adding family group is simple to Go to Play Store>Account>Family>Signup
  • So, after signing up to the family library go to Play pass and activate it


The Google Play pass also provides you with the functionality of use it on up to 10 devices. Likely, Google play family library also allows the users to create five family profile on a single Google account. So here we can also say that Google plays pass to improve the digital experience cost-effectively.


The things subscribers must know about Google Play Pass

The most loved thing about Google play pass is that it supports Android Tv. It also focuses more on chrome Books, phones, and tablets. The browsing experience of Google play pass is yet to come. But definitely, it will also be exciting. After simple installation and subscription, a tab adds to the main menu of the play Store. So, Google play pass improves the digital experience by providing easy accessibility. Within a few days of its launch, Google play pass is also adding more titles of games. But, the more exciting is yet to come.

Google play pass is also making itself different from IOS by working in the direction in which IOS developers did not think. One of these is an addition of the nonentertainment apps in Play pass. Like, the most exciting good news for subscribers is that it also comes up with the free trial of the first month. The subscribed users will also be able to avail the unlocked apps. According to the above mentioned easy installation and features, it seems that Google plays pass improves the digital experience to the next level. So, let’s compare it with Apple arcade and see which one is better.



Comparison of Google play pass with Apple Arcade

 Google Play passApple Arcade
Games and apps It provides 350  versatile games and appsIt provides 100 games but one of the best indie and users loved games
Applications It Provides apps such as photo editors and livestreamsApple does not focus on such apps
Cost $4.99 per month$4.99 per month
Cheap It is cheap as compared to apple arcade because of its $1.99 per month subscription for first yearIt only provides you option to pay month to month with the cost of $4.99
Availability Only in United StatesIn more than 150 countries of the world
Offline access Provide offline accessibility for some of the gamesProvide offline accessibility for all the games
Developer SupportFairGood
Software compatibility TVOS 13, IOS, Mac OS Catalina4.4 and above version of Android and 16.6.25 version of Play Store
Account sharing Up to 5 family members via Apple family sharingUp to 5 family members via Google family sharing library


If we do a short debate on the comparison of both, then conclusion lead to the fact that both are similar regarding some functionalities. But when it comes to uniqueness and exclusivity, nothing can compete with Apple Applications. The Apple Arcade comes with the best apps and serves many. Contrary to this, Google Play pass also provides handy apps and games with low price as compared to Apple Arcade. So, both the platforms have worked for the ease of users. So, the android users will fall for Google Play pass and iPhone or Apple devices user will go for Apple arcade.

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