Google RCS messaging and Apple iMessage: Who is the best?
Google RCS messaging and Apple iMessage: Who is the best?

RCS (rich communication service) messaging has replaced the SMS in android smartphones. The people with android smartphones will be able to avail of these smart messages services. Google is continuously flourishing regarding updates such as Chrome dark mode, RCS messaging, Google Play Protect, and many others. The lack of advanced features such as sending the message by Wifi and sharing high-quality media through messages compelled Google for this update. Google has followed the footsteps of Apple in launching the RCS messaging. Google RCS messaging and Apple iMessage: Who is the best? Let’s consider all the features of both and then decide who is the best. Before going into this debate, let’s take a quick view of RCS messaging. 

RCS messaging 

Rich communication service messaging is a protocol used by Samsung, Google, and other mobile phone manufacturers. Not only for general chat, but it is also providing seamless customer engagement experience with its RCS business messaging feature. To keep business flourishing and busy, the chat app is the best choice. Previously we used to get features like high-resolution media sharing, location sharing, group chats, and video sharing, etc. in Applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, messenger. But now, Google, by utilizing the RCS messaging, has added all these features in the default messaging app. It has modernized the messaging experience to a great extent. Now you can easily avail features like typing indicator, read receipt, chat over Wifi, read receipts, and group chats easily on your default messaging app. It also saves your cellular data and keeps you updated with your chat. 

How to turn on RCS messaging on Android Smartphones? 

You can turn on the RCS messages features in your default messaging app by enabling the chat features. In settings, there is an option of chat features. The other android user must also enable this feature to send messages through the RCS messaging protocol. As this feature recently launched, so only 1% of users will avail of this feature and only in the United States for now. 

Google RCS messaging VS Apple iMessage

Let’s compare both of these to see which one is best. But before that, we would add a short intro of iMessage. The iMessage app allows Apple users to send and receive messages on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Apple gave the freedom to users to send the text message or iMessage on the default messaging app. The google RCS messaging and iMessage are almost similar and differ only because of encryption standards. All the reputed applications such as Whatsapp, messenger, and iPhone all use encryption protocols to secure messages on the sender and receiver side. Recently we make you aware of Unlimited storage on Google photos for new iPhone users.

Similarly, also for this time, iPhone users will benefit more from iMessage, and android RCS messaging will provide all the features but without secure communication. It raises an important question of what will be the benefit of this Chat service if it is not safe. Because without encryption security, we recommend you not to choose any application. 


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