How Cmd help to control windows PC in an efficient way
How Cmd help to control windows PC in an efficient way

The command line interfaces helps in managing high tasks with just simple commands. It is time-efficient and faster as compared to opening many tabs and windows for a simple task. Like we mentioned in our previous article different ways to find computer specifications on Windows 10. We mentioned different ways using windows dialogue boxes and tabs. out of all these ways, using cmd was a simple and time efficient way to find specs. Similarly, here we will highlight how cmd help to control window PC in an efficient way. How to rename your computer using cmd? Not only this there are also several benefits of cmd.


  1. The command line interfaces used for automated testing such as for pen testing and vulnerability assessment purposes
  2. cmd helps in extracting timely output of test data
  3. Cmd help to control windows PC in an efficient way

Now let’s see how Cmd help to control windows PC in an efficient way?

Resolves issues of network adapter  

In today’s world of internet, it is important to have network adapter in the right and working position. The Cmd helps in troubleshooting network adapter by using the command of ipconfig. It provides you information about the current domain, subnet mask, default gateway ip and current ip address. with this provided information, you can easily configure the setting of network adapter.

Change PC name 

If someone would ask that which things optimize the performance of computer? We would say using cmd for the tasks of computer. One of the efficient way to change the name of PC is by using cmd. Just write command of “wmic” in command prompt and write your desired name there. After this reboot the pc and name will be changed.

Reveal the path of internet traffic 

The command of “tracert” reveals the path of internet traffic from host (your browser) to servers where you do communication. for example write “tracert” in cmd and you will get to know about complete trace. You can find trace-route of any desired website. here is the image like we find trace-route for Facebook.

It reveals name, IP address and also an estimated time to reach to each hop. It also reveals number of intermediate servers covered before reaching to final destination.

Find problems regarding power consumption 

Write the command of “powercfg -energy” and it will reveal a report depicting problems or errors regarding energy consumption of system. Run the Cmd as an administrator, it will take 60 seconds to generate report as shown in image below:

Mapping drives 

The mapping of drives through windows explorer takes a lot of time and comprised of number of steps as well. By using only one command “NET USE” you can map drive in seconds.

Checks integrity of file

The cmd also helps in checking integrity of “core system files”. Run cmd as an administrator and write command of “SFC”. It will reveal integrity of system files as follows:


The cmd also helps in scanningof an entire disk. Write command of “CHKDSK” and drive name you want to scan. After scanning completes in few minutes it will also reveal bad sectors, file fragmentation and disk errors as follows:

We scanned it for a minute. you can also extract more information after 5 to 6 minutes of disk scanning.

We mentioned here only few commands which help you regarding How Cmd help to control windows PC in an efficient way? There are some other commands which help to control PC in an efficient way such as schtasks for scheduling tasks. The command of Attrib helps to change file attributes in seconds. The commands such as Netset, ping and Assoc also help to extract network statistics and file associations. you can also increase your understanding regarding commands of cmd by visiting windows commands (microsoft).

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