How does an Intelligent Security Framework for IoT Devices works
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The combination of lightweight Asymmetric cryptography and Lattice-based cryptography provides an intelligent security framework for IoT devices. The Lightweight Asymmetric cryptography ensures an end to end security of devices. It also leads to the protection of IoT service Gateways and sensor nodes of low power. The implementation of the Lattice-based cryptography provides the security of cloud services and broker devices. How does an Intelligent Security Framework for IoT Devices works?

Asymmetric key encryption

Asymmetric key encryption makes the system secure against quantum algorithm attacks, eavesdropping and distributed denial of service attacks. Unique ids are used to generate key pairs between services and devices for the implementation of the mutual authentication mechanism. It also improved the intelligence and security of IoT devices and took them to the next level regarding performance.

 It not only ensures security intelligence of IoT devices but also improving low overhead in the system by rejecting false traffic in the system. Adaptation of this mechanism leads to high performance in less time with compact bandwidth consumption. So, to answer this How does an Intelligent Security Framework for IoT Devices works? We studied many mechanisms. Some of the worthy mechanisms are “end to end security-based protocol,” “data management and DE duplication in cloud computing,” “trusted third party based key exchange protocol,” “machine to machine key exchange protocol.” The combination of features of these mechanisms makes a framework secure for IoT devices. 

Features of an intelligent security framework for IoT devices

The frameworks which provide authentication, authorization, network enforced policy, and visibility is smart security frameworks. The tutorial introduction focuses on both securities as well as the energy efficiency of the system. Any system with the tutorial introduction has worked in providing end to end security as well as tried to reduce overhead in the system. The method like these has worked efficiently in implementation of the timestamp in the system to make the system efficient against replay attacks. Encryption of master key with unique ids of nodes and timestamp makes the generation of IoT nodes key pairs. The working of the system we will mention below is a step by step process which provides end to end secure transmission of packets as well as eliminating false or harmful packets from the system. 

An intelligent framework works based on digital signatures and a mutual authentication system between nodes and device gateways to avoid any loopholes in the system. By implementing a useful algorithm in Gateway, the intelligent framework has restricted the uninvited traffic from the network. 

Some suggested frameworks 

As IoT devices can communicate with all other IOT devices over the internet, so making these devices end to end security for communication is the best way for smooth transmission over the internet. Some mechanisms which only rely on the trusted third-party tool and attribute-based cryptography are weak in promising effective communication between IoT devices. So correctly, How does an Intelligent Security Framework for IoT Devices works

Using a trusted third party mechanism can make system expose to “man in the middle attack” so, in our opinion, we must seek other security parameters to add in order plus trusted third party security mechanism. “The IoT broker Registration protocol” is a mechanism which can ensure security but it goes through registration procedure of devices ids. Every new device has to go through the registration procedure to get the id, IP address, and location stored in the database. To handle this, attributed based cryptography mechanism suggested by some researchers. But that does not ensure efficiency in the system and is dependent on attributes of the system. 

Any system which uses a combination of lightweight cryptography to use unique device id is intelligent. Moreover, sensor node unique id for the creation of digital certificates and secret key also makes a framework an intelligent one. Additionally, public key digital signatures ensure security, timestamp, and trusted third party’s authentication. There must be a step by step process which depicts the ultimate procedure of encryption. Following are the steps which we researched to provide an intelligent security framework. It interlinks different devices unique ids for encryption and to give an end to end secure communication between IoT devices over the network.


Here are the proper steps which depict How does an Intelligent Security Framework for IoT Devices works:

Step: “pre-requisites.”

There must be a master key to maintain the appropriate data of unique ids of cloud services, IoT service gateways, device gateways, and IoT nodes. 

Step1: IoT nodes key pair generation

Step2: Secret device session key generation

Step3: secret service session key generation

Step4: Data transfer from IoT nodes and Device gateway after acquiring the secret device session key

Step5: Data transfer from device gateway and IoT service gateway after secret service session key

End to end secure transaction


Above mentioned steps shows that secret service session key and secret device session keys are important. Otherwise master key has the authority to discard the packets. End to end secure transaction requires matching between timestamps; otherwise, packets will get rejected. Although these steps look difficult and seem that this system is working on many conditions. Yes, there are conditions, but these conditions are ensuring the system’s security and efficient performance. So, this is a brief description of How does an Intelligent Security Framework for IoT Devices works. 

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