How meteor.js is best for mobile app development projects?
How meteor.js is best for mobile app development projects?

Meteor.js is an isomorphic open-source JavaScript, NodeJS written web framework. It is famous because of its rapid prototyping nature. It is one of those mobile app development frameworks which free the developer from synchronization code. Meteor is a framework which helps the developer both in mobile and web apps development. It allows for the faster growth of apps by using the front and backend JavaScript. Meteor is known for more rapid software development as compared to other frameworks. So, to answer this question of How meteor.js is best for mobile app development projects? We can say that it is so because it helps in developing an app by using just one language. It is easy to learn and helps in building rapid real-time applications.

What we need the most in the future is real-time friendly application. It is meteor.js which provides us an easy way to develop mobile app efficiently. Meteor integrates with Mongo DB, ionic, Cordova, AngularJS to provide astonishing benefits. Its first release was on January 20th, 2012. The current stable release version is 1.8. It released on October 5th, 2018. There are versatile benefits which make meteor.js best for all mobile app development projects.


Here is the list of benefits which highlight How meteor.js is best for mobile app development projects?

The versatile range of production applications 

Meteor.js is best from other frameworks because it has an outstanding range of production applications. It includes Sonic Agile,, verso, Pintask, and Respondly. It stands unique in the queue of mobile app development frameworks because of its quality of real-time development. The automatic updating of template data also makes meteor the first choice of every developer.

Supportive community 

Meteor.js first released in 2012, so it has a massive supportive community. If someone is starting to develop apps from the meteor, he can get quick help from other developers. Moreover, the documentation of the framework with easy guidelines is also available. Contrary to flutter, which is new and has less documentation of framework open online, so developers still prefer meteor.

Easy to learn 

Meteor.js is easy to learn and help in the rapid development of apps. As we have mentioned above, it provides ease to developers through proper documentation. So, it is going to be in the top position in the coming years. We can say that the future with meteor.js app development is bright. Additionally, the essence of JavaScript family, also makes it widely accepted.

Code conversion with Cordova 

Meteor integrates with Cordova to develop native apps rapidly. It helps in building apps compatible both for IOS and android. Meteor free developers to write different code for different platforms such as mobile and web. The web written code integrates with Cordova, which converts it to use for mobile platforms as well.

Hosting service 

Meteor is progressing day by day to provide advanced features in the future. One of these features is providing hosting service. If you want an add-on in your business, then developing apps from the meteor is the best choice. Meteor is best for large projects as it is exceedingly a scalable framework.

Fast testing 

Meteor helps in quickly developing apps. It also helps to test lean products swiftly and efficiently. As meteor develop the lean products, so their cost and development life cycle is short. It is the main reason behind their fast testing.

Easy setup 

The developers who want to start with a smooth and helpful approach, meteor is best in this regard. There are many useful resources available which make the developing process easy. Unlike other mobile app development frameworks, meteor helps in developing just after installation.

Lack of CSS and HTML

Angular and React Js is famous in the community of mobile app development with HTML and CSS coding. Some developers find it a difficult way to develop apps. So, they are switching towards meteor Js, which is devoid of CSS and HTML. It makes the development process quite easy. Just with a single language that is JavaScript makes meteor an accessible and focused framework. For beginners, it is useful as they do not have to indulge in other languages.

Good for backend development

Meteor.js is an easy framework and incorporates the concepts and libraries from other frameworks. It does this to simplify the prototype applications. By doing so, web development is quite easier in meteor.js. It requires less code for developing apps and is more flexible to use. The requirement of less backend code reduces bugs and provides stable end results.

Meteor as a backend for react-native

There are many of the same ideas which both the frameworks share. We all know about React Native that it is all about “learn once and write everywhere”. It is easy to connect meteor in the backend to react Native application. Both frameworks are easy to set-up. So, they develop an app in a rapid manner, commercially beneficial as well. The react also support on the web with meteor to develop applications.

Easy real-time communication

Meteor creates a collection mutually shared with the client and server. The requirement of the current session to fetch data from the database provided by Mongo DB to miniMongo. To implement the MongoDB implementation for client-side miniMongo works. It supports geospatial queries and basic as well. So, this is how it provides an easy real-time communication.

The content, as mentioned above, answers to the question of How meteor.js is best for mobile app development projects? Moreover, it has built-in smart packages, which make account management by users an easy task. The fantastic live apps developed by meteor Js also makes it unique from other frameworks.

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