How to check a malicious android app on play store
How to check a malicious android app on play store

Whenever the performance of our device gets slower, the first thing that comes in mind is unnecessary mobile applications. Mainly the running of unused applications at the back end or the malicious apps affects the speed of any android or ios. The ios devices performance also get slow down because of battery issues and malicious involvement. If you want to speed up your android smartphone, disable or delete unnecessary mobile apps. Moreover, you can also boost up the speed of your smartphone by cleaning cache data, clearing device storage, rooting, and performing a factory reset. Before switching to how to check a malicious android app on the play store, we will see what malicious applications are and how they affect the android.? 

Malicious android applications 

The Spywares and the trojans in the form of SMS are the most popular Android malicious apps. The hacker community targets android applications by making them malicious with adware, rootkits, crypt, and logic bombs. These are all types of malware, and their presence in any device makes it malicious. The malicious Android applications are responsible for deleting documents, stealing your protected file, and add any hidden software in your device. Recently, researches confirmed that 149 malicious apps available on the play store, and there is a need to delete them as soon as possible. Obviously, it is difficult to search in the list of whether your device has the malicious app installed or not. So, you can check it on Google Play Protect. 

Google Play Protect 

The android devices remain secure and safe because of the safety check of Google Play Protect. If someone asks how to check a malicious android app on play store, then Google Play Protect is the right security check which you must avail to deal with malicious applications. The best thing about this security check is that it tells you whether the app you are going to download is malicious or not. It also saves your time and device at the same time. Google Play Protect approximately save 2 billion users from malicious applications daily and it optimizes the performance as well. The Google Play Protect is a built-in malware detecting security check by utilizing Google’s machine learning algorithm. 

Benefits of Google Play Protect 

  1. It scans your device 24/7 and confirms for all application update on a daily basis
  2. With Google Play Protect enjoy safe browsing, in case of any malicious website it will safeguard you instantly
  3. It helps in checking your application security status 
  4. Google Play Protect send the unknown application to google saving you from all android malware
  5. Trojan– that misinterpret or hide information rejected by Google play protect according to Google’s unwanted software policy
  6. Sends you privacy alerts in case any application tries to fetch your personal information

How Google Play Protect checks for malicious apps? 

Here are simple steps by which you can check for malicious mobile applications on PlayStore by using Google Play Protect:


Search for play store on your tablet or android phone. Tap on the Google Play Store

Step 2

In the Google play store on the top left corner, there is an icon for the menu, tap on menu icon

Step 3

In the menu bar, there is an option of Google Play Protect, Tap on that option, and it will show the security check report of your installed applications.

 It checks for updates and malicious activites on its own. You can also trigger for security check by taping on the reload option. The attached image depict the scanning of applications.

Step 4

If you did not install an application from the play store, still Google play protect you in detecting that app by enabling a harmful app detection option. Go to playStore>Menu>PlayProtect>turn on the improve adverse app detection.

Besides all the options mentioned above, it also lets you check for security threats. You can also on or off for this option according to your security needs. 

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