How to fix android battery issues?
How to fix android battery issues?

We have entered to the technological era, smart cities, and IoT and blockchain. Like we mentioned previously about WBAN which have become beneficial for human health, but their only issue is power consumption. When we compared the battery timing of the iPhone 11 and S11, the winner was S11. But it’s not like that android battery issue does not exist. S11 has efficient battery timing because of compatibility with 5G. Overall, androids considered best regarding battery timing as compared to Apple devices. In battery timing, Huawei, Oppo is best. You would be surprised, but yes, Samsung has fast drainage battery issues. So, here is an informative discussion and tips for how to fix android battery issues? But before this, here are some common battery issues on android. 

Common battery issues

Is your cell phone a prisoner of a charger? There are several reasons which led to the fast drainage of battery in mobile devices. It includes overcharging, memory effect, and aged battery. The overcharging of the battery led to overheating of cell phone, and all make the charging negative. Android battery issues arises only when you do not use it with care.

Such as, charging soon or repeatedly arises the fast drainage issue of battery. So the main problem of an android battery is of fast drainage. And there are factors such as self-discharge, overcharge, and memory effect, which makes the battery drain faster. Sometimes, too much brightness can also drain the battery fastly. So, do you want to know how to fix android battery issues? Here is the complete guide. 

Check battery usage 

Smartphones have revolutionized regarding display and functionality but arises android battery issues as well. Storage has increased to a great extent, and it triggers users to install many applications. These applications run at the backend, even when we are not using it. It can drain the battery faster. So check for battery usage in android devices by following these simple steps. You might have heard that kill a process when it is idle, and we are going to teach you how. 


  • Go to settings 
  • Tap on General, and look for device care 
  • In device care, you will see icons of battery, storage, memory, and storage.
  • Tap on battery>power mode>optimized 
  • The optimized power mode makes the apps switch to sleeping mode. Yes, the unused apps go to sleeping mode if you switch to optimized power mode. 

Fix the display settings 

The main reason behind the fast battery drainage is the brightness to a higher level. So there is a need to adjust the display settings to stop it from fast drainage. There are some precautions, adapting them can save you from the fast battery draining issue. Currently, the latest smartphones come with adaptive brightness. Switching to that mode saves your battery usage and also adjustable eyes.

Moreover, the live wallpapers also make your cell drain battery faster. Switch to battery saver mode. Switch to screen saver mode also. 

Less screen usage 

If you want to save battery and stop it from draining faster, then try to switch off all the things which keep your screen alive. In this matter, firstly, off the auto-lock mode. The repetitive auto-lock times decreases the battery timing. Moreover, enabling the notifications for every application keep the screen alive and more battery usage. So, remove these activities from cell to keep alive your cell phone for hours. 

Bad cellphone reception

The spotty service and rural areas keep your cell in an effort to connect to nearby towers. This continuous connection drains the battery faster. To fix this problem, look for the best switch carriers, which suit your area and finds your mobile device with the best service. Moreover, switching the cell phone to airplane mood when not in use is also the best way to save battery and to stop it from draining quickly. Using the network extenders also keeps you from continuously connecting to nearby towers and provides you the best service and also protects the battery. 

Switch off the wifi and GPS 

It is a common practice that if you switch off the Wifi and GPS while not using the services, it enhances your battery life. Moreover, it is also known that if a mobile device is working as a hot spot, then it consumes battery faster. Using the Bluetooth for continuous time can also led to fast battery drainage. So, keep all these options of your cell phone on-off switch mode to keep the battery alive for a long time.

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