How to rename your Windows 10 computers
How to rename your Windows 10 computers

Does the computer name really matter? Yes, it matters when you want uniqueness for your device. It also matters a lot when you work in a network. There must be a unique identity for your computer. Why and how to rename your Windows 10 computers. The unique identity will make easy the connectivity of your computer to other devices via Bluetooth and other remote desktop applications. Moreover, if you do not change the default name of your computer assigned by windows, chances are that some computers may have the same name. It can create conflicts during connectivity.


There are several reasons which highlight that it is important to change the computer name. While working in a network your computer must have its unique identity. If a computer will have its name, then it can be recognized even by using the Ip address. It will be easy for any person on the network to find you by using the “nslookup” command in the command prompt. The other reason for changing the computer name is that when you upgrade your windows to 10 from 8.1 and 7. The name remains the same. If you have upgraded the windows then sometimes people also desire to make a change in the computer name. if you purchase a built-in windows 10 computer then it also comes in assigned name. so, there is a need for changing its name.

Well! As the computer name is important, so here are simple ways depicting how to rename your Windows 10 computers.


For the people who ask how to rename your Windows 10 computers, here are some simple steps:

Go to start and type settings in it. After selecting settings a window will open as mentioned in the image below:

In this opened window select “System”, then another window will open like this

Go to “About” in the bottom left corner of this window. After clicking on this a new window will open and you will see an option for “rename your Pc”

After clicking on rename your pc, a window will open like this

Type the name whatever you want.

I have entered the characters according to which I want to change the name of my computer. You must not give spaces while entering characters otherwise an error will occur.

Simply, press next and the name of your pc will get change.

The name of pc will change when you restart your computer.

There is also another and traditional way to change the name of your computer by going in to control panel. We mainly use the control panel to uninstall a program or change network settings. It also helps to change the computer name. just go to control panel>System>settings>Computer description. Write the name in the field of computer description and press “Ok”. It will change after you restart your Pc.

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