How to screen record on iPhone
How to screen record on iPhone

There was a time when gossips on cell phones were dependent on a call. Then came the screenshot; people started their conversations in the social media group. The information started to get shared like fire in the wood. The screenshot has pros and cons; all depend on your purpose of usage. Anyways, today, we are going to highlight the importance of the screen record. It has replaced screenshot as now every detail, even with sound, is easy to share with screen record option available on iPhone. Many of the people are unaware of how to screen records on the iPhone. So, this article is going to help you by providing easy methods for screen recording. 

Method 1: Using control center 

If you have iOS version 11 or advanced, then you can use the control center for screen recording. Here are the steps:

  1. Press the home button and search for settings, tap on settings and go to control center
  2. In the control center, select the customize cards and then tap next to start the screen recording 
  3. Now swipe up the bottom control center on your home screen and then will be an option of recording available there
  4. Tap on that recording option to start the recording; you can also tap on the option of microphone available there to record sound as well 
  5. After the screen recording complete to your desired time tap on red recording button in the control center

Method 2: Installing Softwares 

If you have previous versions like iOS 9 and 10, then you will have to install software to enable the screen recording feature on your iPhone. How to screen record on iPhone with iOS 9 or previous verisons? There are many easy to use and install software available. Here are the simple steps which will add an element of screen recording in your previous versions of the iPhone other than iOS 11.


  1. First of all download and install your desired software on your PC
  2. After installation launch it 
  3. Make sure that the same WiFi network connection available on iPhone and PC
  4. after establishing connection swipe up from the bottom to see the control center on your iPhone, search for an option of Airplay mirroring, enable the option of screen mirroring in it
  5. After this, you will be able to see the possibility of screen recording because of the installed software. Some software also provides an option to record the iPhone screen on the windows.

Here we are mentioning some good software which helps you in screen recording on an iPhone. 


After screenrecording whether from iPhone iOS 11 verison built in feature or from software installation you can easily edit recording. you can modify it or trim it accordingly. Do not forget to tap on save after editing.

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