Impact of DDOS attack on IoT security
Impact of DDOS attack on IoT security

With the emergence of new technologies in the world, issues related to privacy and security have become a significant concern. Businesses always focused on their performance. But now as the questions regarding security and privacy are great in number, so focus diverted towards achieving security. People’s first concern is to make three triads of security that are confidentiality, availability, and integrity. The recent emerging and influencing technology is the internet of things. Besides being an emerging technology, it is also facing a lot of challenges and security risks. IoT is facing problems regarding many security attacks, but we will correctly see the impact of a DDOS attack on IoT security.

Why IoT is prone to security attacks

There is a distributed network in IoT which connect billions of users. As it is a matter of different users communicating with each other. So, there are also more likely chances of exploitation and risks. There is need of proper cyber security as a countermeasures for these attacks.  The main behind these security attacks is the implicit shared trust of devices with each other. The transmission between the network starts without taking notice of malware detection tests. The IoT has also diverse applications of smart grids, critical infrastructure, and home automation. IoT integrated into almost every discipline of life, so this is the main reason IoT is prone to security attacks.

There are many security risks to IoT. Out of which the most common are the brute force attacks, botnets malware, and DDOS attacks. IoT trusts on network infrastructure for data congregation and transferring, DDoS attack can severely influence its competences. DDOS make the consumption of data unavailable to users. It also led towards the compromise of power, bandwidth, processing, memory, authentication, and loss of data. The IoT devices are lacking in the resources which provide privacy and authentication. IoT devices work as a distributed network, so there is a high impact of DDOS on IoT security. And, also there is need of an intelligent security framework for IoT devices.

DDOS attack in IoT

The network infrastructure of IoT comprised of wireless communication and wireless sensors technologies. It is the main reason for the prevalence of DDOS attacks in IoT. The Botnet computer networks are giving a tough time to IoT security in the shape of DDOS attacks. The IoT applications such as wireless body area network, and many health applications are prone to DDOS attacks because of lack of storage and limited resources. The most significant loss which attackers are providing through denial of service attack is TCP SYN flooding. The deficiencies found in the perception layer which initiates the DDOS attacks.

As the impact of a DDOS attack on IoT security is high, so many researches are working for the solutions. Some of the investigations have proposed honey pot network as a solution. There is a need for an improvement in the hardware of IoT devices to make the factor of security and usability high.

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