Impact of virtual reality on human health
Impact of virtual reality on human health

Virtual reality has become essential for humans. Virtual reality only considered as enhancing the gaming experience, but it has improved other life disciplines as well. Whether it is a medical field, engineering, health, and entertainment, virtual reality is needed to enhance the user’s experience. The virtual reality is helping future pilots for their practices. No doubt it has improved the experience of living and entertainment, but what about the side effect? We have made our lives dependent on smartphones and virtual reality, without realizing they can affect our mind and body to a severe extent. Here we will highlight the impact of virtual reality on human health. People think that virtual reality has adverse effects on the eyes and brain. But the fact is it also affects the other organs of the body.

Although virtual reality has improved the gaming experience and we do not care about the time while playing games. It is proven that if you do not take a break of 10 to 15 minutes after VR screening. Then it makes your body prone to health hazards. Here is the list of side effects of virtual reality:

Affecting brains GPS cells

The brain cells are essential for creating the mental map taking inputs from the smell, hearing, and other information. It is vital for the brain positioning system. So, the studies refer to the point that VR affects mental mapping by affecting brain GPS cells. Here we highlight the Impact of virtual reality on human health.


Most of us have experienced dizziness and nausea during traveling by air or while riding an escalator. Some people virtual reality experience lead them to dizziness and disorientation. Some studies explain that vertigo patients have more chances of nausea and dizziness after VR screening. There is one more the fact that continuous VR screening can make any sane person to experience disorientation. The VR headsets manufacturer has also confirmed that ongoing VR screening makes you feel dizzy. Remove the VR headset instantly as you start feeling nausea. It demands extra care if you are in VR screening of some flying and action game.

Cyber sickness

The VR screening can lead to cybersickness, which lasts for days and to a few moments.  The period of cybersickness depends on the human body. The main symptoms of cybersickness are eyestrain, nausea, and headache. The leading cause of cybersickness is excess usage of VR headset. The military officer’s VR screening experience sometimes leaves an adverse emotional and physical side effect on their bodies. They must get through war practices, experiencing horrifying impact on their minds. Nausea and eye strain appear in the scenarios when VR screening is about some harsh and horrific experience.

Blurred vision and eye strain

The excess usage of VR headset makes the eyes to blink less and to focus on the screen. The eyes get dry out if not blink well. It is the main reason that blur vision and massive head starts after 30 minutes of VR screening. To get rid of this situation follows the 20-20 rule, as this rule is to take off 20 secs from screening after every 20 minutes.


The impact of virtual reality on human health is adverse sometimes. So, it is our responsibility to use it for essential purposes such as military practices and educational needs. If you are using it for gaming purposes, then use it with care and for less time. Our body moves and responds irregularly when we are playing some fighting game through a VR headset. It makes your muscles and brain tired, leading towards nausea and headache. It is advisable not to give VR headsets to children age less than 12 years. Moreover, take a 10-minute break after 30 minutes of VR screening can make you face less side effects.

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