iOS 13 battery issues
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With the launch of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max, the world is getting into debates that which one is the best? Suddenly the excitement of the new version of iPhone turned into discussions of bugs. Oh! iPhone and with bugs? Yes, the latest iOS version of iPhone is facing a lot of controversies regarding signal drop, quick battery drainage, and camera app problems. In the past, there was a standard that Apple provides its users with ultimate security. But the recent facetime bug makes us think in the opposite direction. People are only aware of iOS 13 battery issues, but there are also some significant issues of iOS 13, which need user’s attention before buying it.

Major bugs in iOS 13 

The facetime bug makes the users eavesdrop the other users before accepting the facetime call. It is one of the major security flaws. It also has third-party keyboard issues. Besides all these issues iOS 13 also has Airdrop and slow camera issues as well. The more battery timing has become a requirement nowadays because of more applications usage. Many applications are running in the background of our devices, even when we are not using them. And unfortunately, iOS13 battery cannot stand for the whole day as current android cell phones do. iOS comes with high prices and provides a battery of 3500mah while android provides 4300mah battery timing in less cost. Well apart from prices, let’s see other iOS 13 battery issues and ways to fix them.

Why iOS 13 battery drain so fast?

  • The main reason behind the iOS fast battery drainage is the automated app refresh in the background
  • The on-night mode and high brightness also lead to fast battery drainage
  • The location on of some services also makes battery drain faster than usual
  • The uncheck of low power mode also makes the iPhone drain more quickly
  • Keeping video streaming applications and social media apps running in the background all the time
  • Enabling tap to wake or raise to wake feature
  • The apple default settings of iPhone misconfigured and rouge apps
  • The increased push notifications for applications

Ways to fix iOS 13 battery issues  

  1. To fix all the battery issues in iOS 13, Apple has recommended some solutions.
  2. Use lower power and dark mode to consume less battery
  3. Turn off the tap to wake feature of iPhone
  4. If not using, try to turn off the Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connection
  5. Turn off all the unnecessary applications running in the background
  6. Turn off the locations services and widgets
  7. Keep a check and balance on battery health on iPhone. Yes, iPhone enables you to choose desired settings for the battery. It shows you which apps are consuming battery. So, if not necessary, turn them off.

If by adopting all the ways mentioned above, you still have battery issues, then reset your phone. It will resolve the problems to some extent.

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