iOs 13 wifi issues
iOs 13 wifi issues

Have you ever thought about your life without wifi? We can bet, No. It’s not only you but also approximately half of the world who can not live without wifi. The wifi enables us to access devices wirelessly and helps in business optimization. Wifi brings innovations regarding mobility, convenience, and productivity. With the advent of new smartphones and other smart gadgets, guest access progressed incredibly to manage. In the recent year 2019, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro were limelight of the smartphone industry. Versatile features such as dark mode, video editing support, and screen recording smart albums enhanced the user experience. Moreover, Apple brought enhancements in wifi and Bluetooth privacy by improving APIs. Privacy improved, but what about performance? Hey iPhone users, are you guys fed up with iOs 13 wifi issues? Is it the problem of hardware or network equipment? 

Which factors affect the performance of wifi in iOs 13? 

Several factors affect the performance and speed of wifi. If to any network connection many devices connect, then chances are there that it will perform poorly. The less speed of wifi or no wifi is also the indication that network access points such as router and cable are not suitable. Apple devices are more secure as compared to android devices. iOs does not get attached to every network connection. Because of privacy issues, less compatibility with every wireless network connection arises iOs wifi issues. 

Post update bug 

The iOs 13 wifi issues arise after the post-update bug. Security patch update onboard leads to network connection drop or slow speed. The bad updates, rouge applications, malware, misconfigured settings, and bugs are also the reasons behind the unstable internet connection and rapid battery drainage in iOs devices. Here we are going to mention some ways by which you can cope with iOs 13 wifi issues. 

Configure or reset the router

If you are facing the continuous drop of wifi signals, then you must perform the reset of the router first. Sometimes we are missing some crucial components of the network, which led to connectivity issues. So, configuring or resetting the router refreshed the network connection settings, and iOs 13 starts performing better. You can also refresh the router settings by simply unplugging it from the power source for some time. Again start the router, and you will notice that wifi will perform better. It is also good to keep off the router in the hours you are not at home. Keeping router off daily for some time also boosts the performance and enhances a better user experience. 

Default settings 

The factory reset settings are the solution to any problem regarding device and network connection. So, if iOs 13 wifi running slow on your device, maybe it is a problem of your device firmware or router. Firstly perform a factory reset of your device. If there is still a problem in wifi performance, then forget the network connection settings and log in again. It will also refresh the settings and improve the performance as well. 

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