iPhone 11 Pro features: hype and reality
iPhone 11 Pro features: hype and reality

If anyone in this world wants to look vibrant and classy, he purchases an iPhone. The obsession of people with an iPhone is unexplainable. Look what we have found today!

Like seriously :0

So, here we have decided to investigate all the features and specifications of iPhone 11 pro. Why iPhone 11 pro discussion is everywhere. As we think that now you guys have overcome the euphoria, so this is the right time to describe iPhone 11 Pro features: hype and reality.

Let’s begin with the start, like when it launched. The launch date of iPhone 11 pro was 10th September 2019. The first thing which made it the topic of discussion was its spinner shaped camera. Well, this should not be the point of attraction in our opinion. If you look at these three cameras, it looks horrible — Typo-Phobia feeling.


Well, we are not here to criticize the iPhone 11 pro just because of its horrible shaped camera. We will describe it according to facts and figures.

Basic hardware 

The first illogical point which refers iPhone 11 pro a hype is its monstrous shaped camera. The second and logical reason, which makes it a hype again, is its basic hardware. Yes, there is no difference in the hardware of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro. The applications running speed and all the other hardware are all just like in the iPhone. The only new hardware addition is the third telephoto lens camera which makes it horrible?

So, if any one of us who is going to purchase the iPhone 11 pro is paying more just for the monstrous look?

Well, this would be unfair in some respect because if you see in the image below that how the new camera works. You lust for iPhone 11 will again rise to the top level. Let’s have a look.

Camera lens power

The iPhone 11 pro main difference from iPhone 11 is its camera lens power. It has three cameras with additional focal length. All the cameras have 12 megapixels power which makes the images brighter. The main lens has 26mm f/1.8 power. The camera lens power of iPhone 11 pro is definitely greater than the iPhone 11.

Missing features 

iPhone 11 pro is $300 more expensive than iPhone 11 while iPhone 11 pro max with no visible difference of features is $100 more expensive. One thing here seems missing, and that is 5G technology and blood pressure detection with Apple watch. These features are going to release in next year in the later version of the iPhone. If these features are missing, then with the same basic hardware why Apple is charging so much. The next year launch of the new version will cost the users more with the fourth camera addition.


There is hype for iPhone newly launched phones such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 pro max. They have come up in the prices of $600, $900 and $1,000 respectively. So, does it have battery timing more excellent than androids? No, the latest battery of iPhone is 3500mah. If we compare it with android, then you will come to know that there are androids with 4000mah battery. Therefore, here we can say that Apple marketing strategy is excellent, which created a hype of its newly launched devices. If we analyze and compare it with other smartphones, we will come to know that Apple charges more with a slight difference of features.

Difference between iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 pro max

To clearly understand the iPhone 11 pro features: hype and reality, we must compare it with it’s precedent and antecedent version. The hardware of three of these iPhones is almost the same except the camera difference. The iPhone 11 comes with the dual camera while pro and pro max are available in the market with a triple-lens camera. Even the size of the iPhone 11 pro is less than iPhone 11. Contrary to these two iPhones 11 pro max comes in 6.5-inch display screen with increased battery timing than these two. But still, the battery of iPhone 11 pro max is less than android phones.



The difference mentioned above and according to people’s review on social media iPhone 11 pro is only a hype of features. Just with a camera addition and increased battery time but not more than androids makes Apple cell phones overprice.

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