Comparison of iphone SE and SE2
Comparison of iphone SE and SE2

The recently launched iPhone 11 criticized by people because of high prices and features equal to newly launched androids. We discussed it in detail in our previous article iPhone 11 Pro Features: Hype And Reality

Maybe this the reason that APPLE is currently working on SE2 (special edition). The first iPhone SE launched in 2016. If presently there is a person who does not bother about the camera quality and intensive processor, he still chooses SE. The SE loved by people because of it’s easy to hold features and cheaper rates. According to updates, APPLE will launch iPhone SE2 in the start of the coming year 2020. The consumers are expecting that like SE; it would also provide a relive with advanced features at less price. Let’s make a comparison of iPhone SE and SE 2 and see what users are going to get in the upcoming year. 


The current news is circulating that Sequel Of iPhone SE Is Coming In 2020: With iPhone 8 Internals. Let’s make a comparison of iPhone SE and SE2 and see how much of this news is real. 

iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2

Processor Apple A9A13 bionic processor
Operating system Quad core, 2.34 GHz Apple A9 APL0898
All sensors Compass, Light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensorCompass, Light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor
Type of DisplayIPS LCDIPS LCD
Display size 4.0”4.7”
Camera 5 megapixel front and 12 mega pixel rear12 mega pixel front and 12 mega pixel rear
Finger Print sensorOn Home screen buttonOn front screen
Fast charging NoYes
Overall Storage 32 GB32 GB
Expandable memoryNoNo
Chipset Apple A10 fusionA13 bionic chipset
Battery capacity 1642 mah1750 mah
Price$399 to $499 (according to variation in RAM size)Not announced
Physical resemblance Own designiPhone 8
Internal structure Own designiPhone 11
Sensor BSI sensorNot announced
Water proof NoNot announced
Headphone jack YesNo



According to the above comparison, some of the features unannounced. The announced features highlight that iPhone SE will resemble iPhone 8 regarding hardware. It will also have resemblance with iPhone 11 regarding internal structure. Because of enhanced camera pixels and advanced fingerprint sensor, it will be indeed better than iPhone SE. It will also be having the feature of fast charging, just like iPhone 11 series. Overall we can say that some of the users still love iPhone SE, so Apple enhanced its functionality by introducing the SE2. Comparison of iphone SE and SE2  also reveal that SE2 will facilitate the users in cheaper rates.

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