Issues related to privacy and security in cloud Environment
Issues related to privacy and security in cloud Environment

The information technology industry has become flexible, convenient and cost-effective after the introduction of the cloud environment. Although the cloud has provided many benefits to businesses in the form of automated updates, business continuity, and scalability there are issues regarding controls. The control of privacy and security are necessary for the better growth of any business. But because of third party data controller’s issues arises in implementing this. As the cloud is central storage for all computing resources so there must security and privacy of data. Issues related to privacy and security in the cloud environment reduces the growth of clouds and ultimately the businesses. How privacy and security comprised in the cloud environment?

Cloud service providers 


Issues related to privacy and security in the cloud environment arises because of cloud service providers. Because of the classification of models of cloud computing into SaaS, Paas and IaaS consumers have less control over the usage of the application. It mainly happens in Software as a service provider where consumer controls the limited configuration settings of the system. SaaS does this to facilitate the subscribers not to indulge in matters of buying, installing and managing. But in doing so privacy and security of consumers compromises to a great extent.


There are chances of loss of data or theft in PaaS as well because cloud services provider provides a platform to users to manage their resources. Managing resources on the cloud by a platform sounds like the involvement of the third party. So, in this matter authentication achieves but chances are loss of privacy and security. The PaaS enables the consumers to use the pre-installed software or install a new one but they do not have access to infrastructure resources such as operating systems, networks, and storage. Why there is no access to storage? If the data is of users then they must have control over storage to manage their private and confidential data.


The infrastructure as a service provides access to resources such as operating system and storage. But still, it does not provide access to some network components. Will, it also affects privacy and security in the cloud environment? Yes to some extent it affects the cloud environment. It is because of the classification of the service model as public and private. In private data is secure but in public models, the subscriber is not able to control the data and chances are more likely of compromise of security and policy. Let’s see other issues related to privacy and security in the cloud environment which occur because of trust, time, integrity and authentication.

Delay in data recovery plan 

As we have seen that consumers do not have control over the cloud regarding managing resources. So sometimes delay in data recovery plan and the case of disastrous event occur lost data compromises the privacy of consumer’s data. The cloud service providers must provide an efficient plan for data recovery and some control to consumers. If the consumers will have control over infrastructure resources then they will be able to save some of the private data in case of accidental loss.


If there is no strong authorization factor implemented in the cloud then it will make the authentication process weak. The cloud environment faces the problem of privacy because there is no proper mechanism for the file creator on the cloud. There should be a mechanism which notifies that who is the authorized user on cloud and who is not. Moreover, authentication mechanisms are not strong on some cloud service provider models which let other users cloud to access someone’s account. It also affects the privacy of data to a great extent. The main problem is that cloud environment models compliance with traditional security mechanisms affecting security and privacy. There is a need for more secure and advanced mechanisms in cloud environments.


The cloud is all about the access of information by multiple users at the cloud. But it can affect the privacy and security of data. The lack of newly launched encryption techniques on some business cloud affects confidentiality and ultimately the privacy and security. So updated encryption techniques needed to make users notice before sending data that it is encrypted. This notification will ensure that data is confidential and only authorized users can view it.

The integrity and accountability in any system also make it secure to a great extent. Cloud environments while providing flexible and scalable communication sometimes affect privacy and security. So the new models must follow the above-mentioned constraints to implement security and privacy in cloud environments.

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