No other than Gatsby is good for building static websites
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Static sites are appealing as they provide the ease of use, improved performance, and security. A static website is easy to create as there is no need to indulge in complex developing languages such as JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP. A static site highly recommended when there is no server intervention. Wherever there is need of event listing, blog, portfolios, and pages, static site work efficiently as compared to dynamic websites. There are many static site generators available to build sites efficiently. It includes Jekyll, Metalsmith, and Gatsby. No other than Gatsby is good for building static websites because it integrates with react.js to develop for the web. Its integration provides a better experience as compared to other static site generators. The generators also combine with react.js, but there are some problems regarding ecosystem, documentation, accessibility, and design.

Gatsby works robustly as static content rendered in various formats such as WordPress CMS, CSV, and Drupal. There are three Gatsby plugins available which enhance the functionality and improves the user experience. It includes source plugins, transformer plugins, and functional plugins. To build exclusive blogs in Gatsby knowledge of JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, and Graph are necessary. Now we will highlight the comparison of Gatsby with Nuxt, Next, Drupal and Hugo to see that No other than Gatsby is good for building static websites.

Gatsby Vs. Next 

The Next.js is a framework to develop the static and server-side application using react. If we make a comparison of Gatsby and Next, there is a slight difference between them. Gatsby is excellent in terms of integrations, community, ecosystem, development guides, accessibility, and design. The superb developer experience and payload optimization also make Gatsby the best choice for building static sites. If we talk about delivery optimization, PWA, declarative rendering, governance, and modern development practices, both perform equally.

Regarding progressive web application, both provide offline access and page caching. No extraneous code fetching and prefetching of linked pages are handled well by both the generators. The primary flaw of Next.js for building static sites is its integrations problems. Gatsby is best in this regard.

Gatsby Vs. Jekyll 

Jekyll is used to build static sites, mainly for personal organizations. It is an open-source static site generator. Gatsby and Jekyll are equal in terms of delivery optimization, maintainability, security, and accessibility. Gatsby is better than Jekyll because of payload optimization, PWA, declarative rendering, modern development practices, and design. If we make a comparison of both regarding PWA, then both provide page caching and no extraneous code fetching. Jekyll performs poorly regarding offline access and prefetching of linked pages. Gatsby stands unique as compared to Jekyll because of improved accessible mark-up, default, documentation, and integrations.

Gatsby Vs. Hugo 

If we talk about the world fastest static site generator, then Hugo is the best choice. It is an open-source generator written in Go. There are few features in which Gatsby is best as compared to Hugo. Let’s start comparing these two best static site generators.

Regarding delivery optimization, Gatsby and Hugo are nearly equal. The payload optimization comprised of moving images loading, responsive image loading, front self-hosting, and inline critical CSS. The Gatsby is better regarding front-self hosting and progressive image loading as compared to Hugo.

Gatsby holds a distinction in front of Hugo regarding PWA. It is because Gatsby provides the best offline access and prefetching of linked pages. The developer experience of both the static site generator is equal and good. Hugo stands far behind relating to declarative rendering. Hugo is also less good in modern development practices as compared to Gatsby. Contrary to Gatsby, Hugo also lacks versatile design features. In terms of documentation, feature edition guides, ecosystem and integrations, Gatsby is best and unique as compared to Hugo.

Gatsby Vs. Nuxt

Nuxt incorporated Babel.js, Node.js, webpack, and Vue.js to build web applications. The Vue.js makes Nuxt build static and server-side rendered applications. Performance-wise Gatsby and Nuxt.js are nearly equal. Except PWA Nuxt works right just like Gatsby.

Regarding PWA Nuxt stand behind Gatsby in offline access. Nuxt provides the page caching, no extraneous code fetching and prefetching of linked pages just like the Gatsby. The developer experience of both the static site generators is identical. The security provided by both the site generators is equal and good. The programmatic design, component libraries, and design system of Gatsby are better than Nuxt. The accessibility, documentation, and integrations of Gatsby are best in every term as compared to Nuxt.js. All these extraordinary features and integration quality makes No other than Gatsby is good for building static websites.

The Jam Stack technologies as mentioned earlier such as Next, Jekyll, Hugo, and Nuxt comparison with Gatsby declare results. It includes that Gatsby is best than all these Jam Stack framework technologies. Although the Jam Stack framework single-page applications (SPA). But there are some static site generators from Jam Stack framework which do not build SPA. It includes Hugo and Jekyll. The sites generated by them have speed issues.

Now let’s compare Gatsby with traditional CMS.

Conventional CMS 

There are two traditional CMS:

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Square Space

Gatsby Vs. WordPress 

WordPress is one of the most used and user-friendly CMS (content management system). It is an open-source framework based on MySQL and Php. It is a robust framework because of its template extensibility and plugin architecture. When someone talks about WordPress, blogging comes in mind. It belongs to blogging the most. It also helps in building media galleries, mailing lists, online stores, and different forums.

Let’s compare Gatsby with WordPress. Performance-wise Gatsby is better than WordPress. It is because the payload optimization, PWA, and delivery optimization of Gatsby are reasonable as compared to WordPress. Gatsby developer experience is also good. WordPress works not good regarding PWA. It does not provide better offline access, no extraneous code fetching, prefetching of linked pages and page caching. Regarding PWA, WordPress performance is half in front of Gatsby.

Regarding providing security for static sites, Gatsby is a little bit good than WordPress. WordPress stands behind Gatsby because of component libraries, programmatic design, and systems. Well if we talk about the accessibility, there is no other framework to beat it. Not even the Gatsby is more efficient regarding availability. Out of all the contexts mentioned above and technologies, WordPress is the first one whose integrations values are equal to Gatsby. WordPress is a little bit behind Gatsby regarding feature addition guides, ecosystem, and community.

Gatsby Vs. Drupal 

Drupal is an open-source and free CMS circulated under GNU. It is a PHP based written framework. It is best known as a back-end framework. The Government, political, personal blogs, and corporate sites are built best by using Drupal CMS. Drupal is also famous for its business collaboration and knowledge management. Up till now No other than Gatsby is good for building static websites. Let’s compare Drupal with Gatsby and see if it is better than Gatsby or not.

If we compare the performance of Gatsby and Drupal, Gatsby is excellent in every regard. Whether it is offline access, page caching and no extraneous code fetching, Gatsby is best than Drupal. The payload optimization and delivery optimization of Gatsby are also better than Drupal. The developer experience of Drupal is not as good as Gatsby has. Gatsby also provides better security than Drupal. The design systems of Drupal are also not sound. The accessible defaults and accessibility mark-ups of Drupal are good enough. Even in this comparison of accessibility, Gatsby stands far behind. The integrations of both frameworks are equal. Regarding documentation, Drupal is little less than Gatsby in terms of future addition guides.

Gatsby Vs. Square space 

Square Space is an open-source static site generator. It is not only a static site generator but dynamic as well. It creates dynamic pages with the help of the templating engine and server-side programming language. Square space is the choice of developers because of excellent dynamic display content. It has a versatile range of templates.

Contrary to Gatsby, square space does not create a SPA. Because of this, the speed performance of square space generated sites is not good. Regarding providing maximum speed for websites, Gatsby is best as it builds single-page applications. Just like Gatsby, square space includes user authentication, access controls, environment variables, and XSS protection. The security level of both generators is nearly equal.

Moreover, Square Space is known for its 3rd party integrations and apps, beautifully designed templates, CSS customization, and access. Unlike Gatsby, it is a paid static site generator framework. The main flaw of square space is that it does not provide an email hosting. If you want to create a custom email, then you will have to use G-Suite.


There are parameters such as developer experience, documentation, accessibility, and performance, which decides which is best site generator. We have compared all the frameworks mentioned above by considering these parameters. And the result of the comparison reveals that No other than Gatsby is good for building static websites. Additionally, there are also some other substantial factors which make Gatsby a powerful static site generator. It is also known as static progressive web app generator. The Npm makes available the CLI library of Gatsby. As the Gatsby extract the node mailer features, so it is not only the best but also the most secure static site generator. Developers prefer Gatsby because it generates SPA, providing speed optimization of websites.

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