Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is all about the declaration of how we manage the information by keeping privacy standards; our users provide us while visiting our website. This document is a step by step procedure depicting how we extract the information the users enter our website. The understanding of these steps is crucial so you could understand how we keep your data secure and how we keep the security elements alive in our website.

Information collection 

To enhance the better experience of customers on our websites, we may ask the users to enter their name and email address. We may also ask you to enter your other personal details and cookies information. We collect personal data of the users which registers themselves to our website. The subscribed users of our newsletter also agree to share their information on our website. Any user who used any features of our site like writing a review and surfed the site will have to enter their email address to our system of collecting information.

Use of information 

We do the collection of information to improve the experience of users to work in the areas in which they are interested more. By using these pieces of information, we provide services to the user according to their demands or reviews they added to our website. The extraction of data the users enter our website enable us to fulfill all the requests of users.


We ask for cookies to get your consent for the collection of data. We would mention here that the cookie files are delete able. So, there is no worry regarding them. You can also set your limits in web browsers to ask you whether to accept cookies or not. The only thing you sometimes lose while rejecting the cookies is the better user experience.

Third-party Disclosure 

MS Tweaks is all about sharing the latest technology news. But we do not share any personal information of users to the third party for any business promotion or trade with third parties. If we share information some information to other businesses, then it will be shared by following our country’s laws and regulations.

Third-party links 

The promotion of third links enhances the growth of our business. But we do not have any direct relationship with them. Moreover, we do not provide any options to rate these products. We only suggest users for these products for promotional purposes.


Only the set cookies partners will be able to advertise on our website. The setting of cookies will enable the advertisers to extract the information of your device and other non personal identification information. The cookies here will only for getting information about your interest. The more you will be interested will appear on your browser.

Google AdSense 

We relate to Google AdSense, allowing Google to post the advertisements to your according to your interest. It uses “DART” to extract your non personal identification information to advertise.


We follow the “Can Spam-Act” law to limit the spamming, to set rules for commercial messages and email. This law ensures the users that they can restrict the receiving of emails from us if they are not interested. This law also states some strict penalties to the violators of the rules.

Following this law, we only use email addresses to send the required information or to answer the queries of users. We only use authentic and accurate subjects and email addresses. We post ads on our website in a reasonable and informative way. We provide the physical address of our website and does not disguise any required information. We offer a secure mechanism for users to unsubscribe or hide ads of the third party if they are not comfortable.

Contact Us 

If you still have any questions regarding our privacy policy Contact us.