Problems of a computer network during deployment
Problems of a computer network during deployment

In this fast-paced advanced technological era, the internet considered the only medium for sharing anything. With the internet, computer networks are also crucial and used as the medium for sharing resources between computing devices known as the nodes in a computer network. The computer networks, also known as the digital telecommunication networks supporting network nodes for originating, routing, and terminating data. Different components form computer networks such as router switches as the networking hardware components and network addresses. A computer network also comprised of hosts such as servers, personal computers, and all mobile devices. As many elements form a computer network so, there are also problems with a computer network during deployment. Computer networking all based on data communication and sharing resources, so it faces issues daily. So, this informative article is going to highlight all network problems to help you to look for solutions to form a scalable network. 

Resolving computer network problems is essential. Why?

One of the most critical problems of a computer network during deployment is to look for the security components. A computer network comprises of interconnected devices, so a problem in the primary method will crash out all the connected devices. If any of the nodes get compromised as a result of a hacking attack, then malicious software may get installed in all the hosts. Moreover, if network performance is slow and you own a business organization, then you are going to suffer financially. There is always a complete hierarchical structure that every computer network follows in an organization.

So, technical knowledge always required to fight with computer networks problems. The security components such as firewall, pen testing tools DMZ, IPS, and IDS must be deployed with care to lay the foundation of a scalable and robust network. Similarly, the computer networks are responsible for sharing files, text media, and many other sharing resources. So it must be problems free, so every crucial task gets completed on time. 

 Common problems 

Here are problems of a computer network during deployment. 

Sluggish data 

Due to improper network planning in deploying the switches and proper configuration of hosts, the bulk of data can get handled efficiently. The bulk of data when they do not get the appropriate medium and efficient cables can not transmit at high speed. It also lowers the overall efficiency of the network. 

Physical damage

The different computing devices form a computer network after connecting them with wires or wireless network. Even in a wireless home network, the computer systems are connected to the modem or router. So, any physical damage to either the modem and wires affect the network performance. Deploying the high quality and fulfilling the network requirements cables are difficult to find, and only a skillful network administrator can implement the best physical components in a network. Mstweaks have network experts. So, if you are having any problem with network deployment or any queries, contact us

Assigning the same Ip address 

In a computer network, all the host and connecting devices assigned with an Ip address. But if accidentally two devices assigned with the same IP address, it creates scalability issues. To resolve this issue, firstly restart the wifi router. If there are still any issues, then restart all the connecting devices to resolve the IP conflict. To optimize the performance of the computer you must look for no idle processes and unique Ip addresses and easy access of resources.

Outdated firmware 

The computer network firmware is crucial to forming a scalable network. It is because firmware (a software program) instructs all devices in a network how to communicate and to wait when one process is already in the queue. If a computer network speed is slow, then it might be due to not installing the updates and outdated firmware. Moreover, the presence of things that emit electromagnetic waves affects the wifi signal strength. The weak wifi signal strength lowers the performance of the computer networks. 

Firewalls and windows network adapters  

Too much security can also slower network performance. Never set those security policies where there are too much authentication and authorization. As simples tasks with too much protection become complicated, so check the firewall settings. Allowing the home traffic to communicate without too much security can also increase network performance. It is better to implement DMZ, IPS, and IDS for external traffic. 

One thing is clear that obstacles in a computer network arise when you do not deploy network components technically. Moreover there are different types of computer networks and have different needs for proper deployment. Only a network administrator can implement a system efficiently. Never waste money on purchasing expensive components, instead spend money on strategies of network and security policies. 


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