Progressive web applications are the future
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Progressive web applications are known for their cross-platform web application development by using modern web APIs. It creates modern web applications by enhancing traditional progressive features. Progressive web applications are the future because they are re-engageable, linkable, responsive, and network independent. The main unique feature of PWA is enhancing the user experience enabling the users everywhere. Although it is a web application, it delivers the same user experience just like the native applications. You can use it at any platform if the browser is the standard compliant. There are some functionalities which make its user experience the same to the native applications. It mainly includes offline working and push notifications.

Closing the app with native applications 

PWA is beneficial and more adaptive as compared to native applications like mobile and desktop applications. It is because it does not require installing them and provide all functionalities just like mobile applications. PWA works faster than the native apps because of its capability to work offline. It filled the gap of native applications and performed better in some respects. Here in this article, we will see features, advantages, disadvantages, and cost comparison of PWA with mobile apps. After analyzing these things, you would be able to accept the fact that progressive web applications are the future.

Advantages of Progressive web Applications 

Progressive web applications are the future because of the following advantages:

Progressive enhancement principles 

PWA uses principles which allow the users to avail the basic functionalities of any web page. It also provides enhanced bandwidth with browser advancement. The progressive behaviour of PWA suits to every user.


Because of the navigation and interactions, it depicts an application like interface to the user.


The responsiveness of PWA fit to any device yet evolved or about to get launched.

Easy Installation 

It often follows service workers (through procedures of registration, installation, and activation) to work offline. It is independent of connectivity issues and free from complicated installation methods. The easily accessible home icons generate after installation.


PWA transfers data by using the HTTPS protocol, ensuring that no data is tempered or lost during communication.

Push Notifications 

The feature of push notification of PWA makes it re-engageable to the users.


We can bookmark the PWA and can use it later just like native mobile application.

Up-to-date and faster 

It is faster because it cancels redownloading after initial loading. The service worker update process keeps it up to date with the latest requirements.

Instant loading 

The instant loading of pages makes PWA reliable. In unpredictable network conditions, it still works without showing downasaur. So, whether you have a good internet connection or a bad one, it will never disappoint you regarding performance.

Offline working

People use native mobile applications after installing them. PWA also work in similar manner. Just install PWA in your device and use it even without an internet connection. PWA let you resume your content where you left even without lost network connection.


Google has ranked the PWA at the top positions in search engines. We can call it user-friendly because of its extensive features. You can also share the link of PWA via a short link. The easily accessible, available for everyone nod a yes to the statement that progressive web applications are the future.

Nothing is perfect in this world; besides so many advantages, PWA has some disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Progressive web Applications 

Non-compliant to some web browsers 

The PWA supports more android device browsers as compared to IOS. As the world is advancing more towards IOS devices, so these things make PWA not approachable in safari and Edge. The traditional web browsers like Mozilla and Firefox are also not compatible with PWA. Only the HTML5 enabled browsers like Chrome70 are compatible with PWA.

Absence from the app store and Play Store 

The PWA does not appear in the Play Store and App store, so it reduces the audience’s ratio. The absence of PWA from applications downloading platform may delegitimize them in front of users.

Non-compliant to device features 

PWA does not allow the usage of device features such as Bluetooth, GPS, camera, and fingerprint scanning. Because of lack in these features, many of the users prefer native applications.

Comparison of Progressive Web Applications with Native Mobile applications 

In this section, we will make a comparison of PWA and native mobile apps. There seem some differences between PWA and native mobile applications, but the central fact is that PWA filled the gap of native applications. The user experience was lacking in some essential terms, such as device compatibility in mobile devices. PWA with no download provide the same features just as native applications. But then the browser compatibility issues arise in the PWA. But as a result of the latest research, these browser issues will get solved soon. PWA mitigates with the drawbacks of native mobile applications to solve them and enhance user experience.

Comparison regarding cost

PWA is cost-effective as compared to native mobile applications because it develops once and used on different platforms. The interface for a native app is different at IOS and android platform, so it raises the cost and time. Moreover, PWA does not require data storage on a device. Just use it securely by opening a browser.


The conclusion to the above discussion is that PWA is functional in every term, but still, it requires advancements. And if the improvements like to handle the more audience and the browser compatibility issues will get solve then it will completely replace native mobile applications. We can say that Progressive web applications are the future. Moreover, currently, if any business needs a small audience with cost, effective communication PWA is the best choice. It is also because it allows users with poor network conditions to work efficiently.

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