Qualcomm's new chips integration in upcoming 5G pcs

Everyone is excited about the upcoming year as Samsung S11 will be launched with 5G technology. The nationwide implemented 5G network will facilitate the users with a long-life battery and faster data rate transmission. The recent updates did not fade regarding Qualcomm’s 5G modem will mid range that smartphones in the year 2020. And the latest update pop up Qualcomm’s new chips integration in upcoming 5G pcs. It has made the users more excited as the gaming experience on PC will improve to a great extent because of 5G integration. The overall PC performance and speed will also improve beyond the expectation. Is Samsung Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 better than Apple Inc? A13 Chipset? The results extracted nod a yes to Qualcomm Snapdragon for optimized performance as compared to Bionic chipset. Let’s explore more about the Qualcomm’s new chips integration:

Ultrafast connectivity 

The Qualcomm’s new chip will facilitate users with ultra fast connectivity in PCs. 8cx computer’s processor with Qualcomm’s second-generation X55, 5G modem, will make the Pc super fast. Qualcomm’s new chips integration in upcoming 5G pcs is a real excitement indeed. The computer manufactures are going to launch devices compatible with 8cx 5G to support ultra fast 5G networks. Snapdragon compatible 5G Pcs will not facilitate the users with the super fast connectivity but also with data-links high performance and super security. 

Seamless experiences  

The 5G enabled new Pcs will come up with new seamless experiences of long battery life, artificial intelligence, on-connectivity, faster loading, and high performance. The 5G modem in PCs will ensure scalability, responsiveness, high coverage, and boost up speed for wireless networks. If we compare it to the traditional broadcast networks, then it will be 100 times faster. 5G network for the better performance of VR and AR applications will improve the user’s experience. The upload and download speed for applications will be in milliseconds quicker than the current rate. 

Smartphones features 

The Qualcomm’s new chips will provide the always-connected PCs. These PCs will have a consistent 4G LTE connectivity, also providing multiples days of battery life. The processor Snapdragon 8cx processor will facilitate with the above mentioned extraordinary features. We can say that the new PCs will function like smartphones or can say that more efficient than smartphones. 

7nm Snapdragon 8cx processor

The Lenovo new laptop will launch as a project limitless using the 7nm snapdragon 8cx processor. This processor will enable the 5G modem in the computer, making it a 5G pc. The more features of the 7nm Snapdragon 8cx processor other than the X55 5G modem are Hexagon 690 DSP and GPU (Adreno 680). It also contains Kryo 495 CPU. Lenovo has announced a display size of 13 inches in its prototype. Price and other specifications of this 5G PCs are not announced yet. 

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