Quick take video mode in iPhone 11 and 11 pro
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Apple has recently launched the iPhone 11 series. All of the three models are almost similar, only slight differences in size and number of cameras. Before switching to the Quick take video mode in iPhone 11 and 11 pro. We will see a quick short comparison on iPhone 11 and 11 pro.

Quick short comparison 

Both the iPhone 11 and 11 pro have almost similar specs, including spatial audio, video, and photo features. We will highlight photo and video features in the below section of quick take video mode in the iPhone 11 and 11 pro. Let’s compare here some other specs and features of both the models of the iPhone 11.

  1. The 11 pro is superior to iPhone 11 because of the telephoto lens and enhanced the display.
  2. Both have high battery capacities, and both share the A13 bionic chipset.
  3. The iPhone 11 and 11 pro share the same 12 MP front camera. The difference is in the rear camera where 11 pro has come up with the three cameras.
  4. Both of the models are getting the user’s attention because of the night mode, optical zoom with ultra-wide cameras.

Quick take video mode 

Apple computer manufacturers first launched the digital camera feature in 1994. Magazines promoted this camera feature as the fast take mode. After 1994 it came up the quick take 150 and quick take 200 in 1994 and 1995. However, in 1997, Apple stopped using these terms after Steve Jobs take charge of Apple. Now in 2019, Apple started following the legacy and added quick take mode feature in their newly launched iPhone 11. The Quick take video mode helps to shoot faster and in a more explicit manner.

What is unique in quick take mode 

While capturing photos, it enables the video mode according to your preference. So now snapping and recording are just a swipe away.

Steps for a quick take 

  1. While capturing to enable the shutter button long-press the photo button. It will initiate the shutter button to start recording video.
  2. It will record the video until you release the shutter button and will save the video for you in the camera roll.
  3. While recording, if you want to lock the video to a specific part, swipe right.
  4. If you want to switch to the burst mode, just swipe left the shutter button and hold it to the time you want and then release it to stop.

The big bang of ultra-wide camera 

The ultra-wide camera of the iPhone 11 and 11 pro has come up with other astonishing features such as editing of photos. There is a versatile range of filters available, which has diminished the requirement to install other beauty camera apps. Now the control over editing has extended to ultimate extent. It makes your videos and photos fit as you desire.

Moreover, in low light situations, iPhone 11 and 11 pro has automated detection capability to enhance the quality of the image. It allows the user to adjust the night mode to max and auto for the required short and long-time night mode, respectively. Both the models take portrait images to the perfect fit extent.


Both the models have almost similar camera features except the 11 pro which have three rear cameras. The added camera is for auto zooming. But for just this single feature and enhanced display, there is a difference of $300 in both models. If you want to know more about the comparison of iPhone 11 and 11 pro, then read out: iPhone 11 Pro features hype and reality.

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