Reasons behind the loud noise of a laptop fan
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Are you fed up of loud noise of your pc or laptop fan? If yes, then this article is going to help you. We will highlight the reasons behind the loud noise of a laptop fan. To find the reasons will not be enough for you. So, we have arranged a list telling about how to fix the loud noise of computer fan.


Here are the reasons behind the loud noise of a laptop fan:

Unable to dissipate heat 

One of the main reasons behind the loud noise of a laptop fan is inefficiency to disperse heat. Sometimes we work in a hot environment. In this situation the fan of our pc should be active and of good quality. One of the primary reasons behind the random noise of the fan is the hardware and software. Some applications provoke system to run faster and makes the fan to produce a loud noise. The small and loose fans also create a loud noise.

Running applications in the background 

There are some applications and software that run continuously run in the background, producing heat. To dissipate this heat, fan spin faster and create a loud noise. Whenever there is more load on a system, it generates more heat and noise. The world believes in multitasking, and this thing gives a tough time to laptops. We do video editing, browsing, document reading, and coding (if you are a developer) at the same time. These running software and applications at the same time lead to the horrible sound of the fan.


Many of us use the laptop every day and for at least 10 hours of the day? How many of you have cleaned their laptops daily? We would say 5 in a 100. So, here if you do not remove dust from your computer, it will block vents. It makes your laptop fan to function harder, ultimately leading to loud noise.

Hard drive 

If you clean your laptops every day and you also do not work in a hot environment, there are fewer chances of loud noise. But if it happens even after taking the two above precautions, then it means that your Hard disk drive has a problem. The failing hard disk drives show symptoms of humming and clicking from the drive. The overall strange behavior of bad HDD includes the random error messages and problems in the installation of new programs. So, if these are the signs, then HDD noise is the reason, not the fan. We should not intermix the sounds of a bad fan and HDD. Identify the problem clearly and later try to fix it properly.

As we have seen the reasons behind the loud noise of a laptop fan, here is the list of ways to fix a laptop.

Fixing problems


To fix the problem of laptop’s fan loud noise, Cooler is the best option. It lowers the ambient temperature. The fan will quickly disperse the heat and will not create a loud noise. The cooler works efficiently for all the users who work in a complex environment. To put the additional coolers with fans underneath a laptop eliminates the loud noise of the fan. It does so by preventing it from overheating.

Position change 

There is an easy and cheap method to fix the loud noise of the laptop’s fan. If we lift the surface of the computer a little bit and expose the fan to air. It will lower down the temperature of the fan and will ultimately reduce the noise.


The computer system which does not have anti-viruses installed allow malware and viruses to take place in operation. The presence of anti-viruses in a system degrades the performance. The degradation leads to the overheating of the laptop. As the laptop’s temperature rises, it begins to fluctuate in functionality, and also the fan produces a loud noise. To solve this issue, install anti-viruses and makes your computer system efficient and free from loud noise.


The dust leads to the blockage in vents which makes the fan to generate noise. The proper cleaning of soot can cause the fan to rotate efficiently with no sound. So, this is a secure and most required method to fix the problem of laptop’s fan loud noise. The regular cleaning of the laptop’s hardware and software’s improves the overall performance of the computer.

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