Unknown collation: 'utf8Amb4_unicode_520_ci' error
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Unknown collation: ‘utf8Amb4_unicode_520_ci’ error. We can face this error while importing the database in our PHP my admin.

This video below will cover completely how you can remove this error. It is almost 2 minutes in length but it takes me almost a whole day to figure out this.

[ultimate_video u_video_url=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F48w9Fborw&t=5s” yt_autoplay=”” yt_sugg_video=”” yt_mute_control=”” yt_modest_branding=”” yt_privacy_mode=”” play_size=”75″ enable_sub_bar=””]

I would love feedback as to how I can improve my (Remove Unknown collation: ‘utf8Amb4_unicode_520_ci’ error)these type of articles

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