Sequel of iPhone SE is coming in 2020: with iPhone 8 internals
Sequel of iPhone SE is coming in 2020: with iPhone 8 internals

It’s been a few days that we revealed the iPhone 11 features: hype and reality. Now Apple manufacturers have indulged the people in the discussion of Sequel of iPhone SE is coming in 2020: with iPhone 8 internals. Well, is it a rumor or reality it will get disclose at the time of launch, which is expected to be at the start of the coming year 2020. The iPhone SE was one of the most loved and cheaper cells of iPhone with enhanced functionalities. Will, the iPhone SE2, will also make a remarkable place in the market. Let’s see which of the expected features Apple has announced so far for the launch of SE2. 

Expected features 

Although the design and the physical resemblance of iPhone SE2 will be like iPhone 8, reports claim that it will be inheriting the internal structure of the iPhone 11. 

Chip and RAM

SE2 will have a 3GB RAM with an A13 Bionic chipset. As the iPhone 11 series is available in the market with 4 GB Ram. So the upcoming iPhone SE with 3 GB RAM is not impressive. It will also be having Apple A13 bionic processor just like the iPhone 11 and 11 pro. 

Screen display 

If iPhone SE2 is following the iPhone 8 regarding hardware design, then it will come in the 4.7-inch display. One thing more here is a point of discussion that will SE2 be waterproof? If it is not, then what’s new in it? As we have seen in a recent comparison of the iPhone 11 series with Samsung 11, competition is high. As Samsung S11 is also going to launch shortly, then Apple should design something which competes the S11. As we have mentioned in the start that all the features we will explain not officially announced. These are just speculations. So one of these speculations is also that all the Apple iPhone will be OLED display in the future. So according to this, the screen size of the iPhone SE2 will be more than iPhone 8. 


In every upcoming cell phone, the first thing which people check the most is the camera. Will iPhone SE2 come with an improved camera? According to the reports, the camera of SE2 will be an enhanced version as compared to iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. The 5-pixel front camera and 12-pixel rear camera, it will be the best choice in less price. We are speculating that it’s the price will be less than the iPhone 11 series as iPhone SE was launched at cheaper rates and blown up the minds of iPhone lovers. 

Performance and Battery capacity 

The iPhone SE2 will have an A13 ionic processor then it will show optimal performance. The expected battery capacity for SE2 will match the iPhone 8. Here we can say that Sequel of iPhone SE is coming in 2020: with iPhone 8 internals. Other features regarding performance are that there will be no expandable memory. The overall storage of SE2 will be 32 GB. 


Here comes the most awaited section of the discussion. What will be the price of the iPhone SE2? It’s not officially announced, but it confirms that it will be available at lower rates as compared to iPhone 11 series. 

Missing headphone jack

Like all other latest iPhones such as 11, 11pro max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8plus, it will also not have the headphone jack and will rely on the Bluetooth connectivity. Because of the cheaper rates, one more feature will be missing in iPhone SE2, and that is Face ID recognition. 


People are not so happy with the iPhone 11 series because of expensive rates and some horrible camera. SE2 will not have a triple camera. The design will be simple like iPhone 8, but there is an improvement in internal and some external features. So, wait for it as reports suggest that it will be a better-featured phone at less price. We expect that Apple would launch it with a fast charging and fingerprint sensor feature. 

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