Smart mining: transforming the future
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Smart mining is a universal framework for the ideal usage of technology, minimizes the cost providing higher productivity and safety. Smart mining is also the basis for the implementation of the succeeded businesses. The innovation brought to the mines through mining automation in which the Internet of things is a significant architect for the mining automation.  It has also become crucial for the mining industry to adopt the latest technologies of smart mining to compete in the global world. Here we are going to highlight how Smart mining: transforming the future in an astonishing way.

Smart mining has mining automation comprised of the modular software approach. This modular approach is prevailing in the world through step by step process leading towards the benefits of utilizing this approach. Although the mining industry is also too conscious about their data privacy, which hinders them from adopting IoT solutions and cloud services, the below-mentioned benefits will elaborate on the benefits of smart mining, how digitalization will transform the future.


Workforce safety

Mines, exposed to destructible harms, including human lives. Recent researches show that many workers lost their lives as a result of dams’ break. The process of manual readings can also bring harm to workers working in remote areas. Because of the lack of insights and predictive analysis, workforce tracking becomes difficult, which results in life loss. Smart mining has given the concept of wearable Wi-Fi devices, ensuring the safety of the workforce.

Data security

There is no other way to secure your data nowadays without using cloud services. So, smart mining has used IoT solutions and cloud services to ensure data security in the mining industry. Besides providing benefits, cloud services can expose the data to hackers. But as we have described in the start that innovations, brought in smart mining; data acquisition systems stop the malicious attacks. Experienced web developers and instructors are there to solve the hacking problems by enabling geophysical sensors in the data acquisition system. These sensors help in monitoring without any interference.

Operational assets monitoring

Smart mining, based on predictive maintenance which ensures the safety of the operational assets. The digital and precise data readings have replaced the tiring manual texts, exposed to damage. Wireless monitoring enabled with OI solutions ensures the accurate tracking of operational assets. This is how Smart mining: transforming the future in an astonishing way.

Ease in automated operations

Smart mining, incorporated with the latest technologies of motorized equipment. Robotic trucks, load haul dump, excavator, and other mechanical equipment brought ease in automated operations. The automation software controls the moving and static assets. The wireless computerized processes have to speed up mining operations.

Critical assets long-term maintenance

The manual records and data were not easy to maintain and to store. On the contrary, in smart mines, GPS trackers and wireless sensors are easy to maintain and install. The geophysical sensors have embedded long-life batteries that make it rarely to attend. This lead to ensures the long-term maintenance of critical assets in smart mines.

Reduced operational costs

Analog operational costs were comparatively high as compared to new digitalized wireless monitoring. Smart mines have not only reduced the operational cost but human labor as well. Previous mines were cables dependent, which was a hurdle for workers. The smart shafts are comprised of operational intelligence wireless network to save the cabling cost and to save the workforce from accidents.

Future of smart mines

Some mining industries are reluctant to install digitalized technologies for smart mines due to data privacy issue and backup problems. Data acquisition system has solved this issue too and still progresses on the way. Smart mines are the future because of the benefits mentioned above. Smart mining has increased productivity from mines to market, enhancing operational excellence. If you want to compete with global competitors, smart mining is crucial. In the future, almost all the mining industry will start following smart mining technologies.

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