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What is Strapi.js ?

Strapi.js marks itself as an efficient API creation tool that lets you get your website or application up and running quickly.

Intro to Strapi.js

Strapi is a free and open-source Node js Framework and Headless CMS so it’s mean that you can customize it according to your needs or even you can contribute as a part of community. It can help to save time for teams working on Node.js application.

What you get with strapi is a helpful admin panel, a framework some very useful default plugins and many other plugins contributions from the community.

What is a headless CMS ?

Headless CMS is a CMS same as Drupal, Shopify but it’s not tied to front end anymore, it’s decoupled from the presentation layer so there’s an API that delivers the content through a raw data format and most commonly in JSON.

These API’s are then consumed in Angular, React Native, React Js, Vue or in IoT to display data to users. Therefore it gives a developer an option to built a website or mobile app with the technology he is familiar with.



What are the benefits of Strapi ?

Here are some convincing set of reasons due to which you should develop your next project in strapi.

  • Save weeks of development time.

Strapi is the most advanced open-source headless CMS, using it you can save weeks of development time. With a built-in admin panel, you can deliver a lightweight API within a minute.

  • Future proof.

Koa is a new web framework designed and developed by the Express team. Scrapi is built at the top of Koa. Having koa at the top makes Strapi future proof.

  • Self-hosted.

One of the another best features of Strapi is that it’s self-hosted. It means that it can be hosted anywhere according to the app’s requirements. It can be hosted on AWS, Heroku, Netlify or any dedicated server.

  • Highly customizable and extensible.

The structure of strapi is highly customizable although it has some already built-in plugins that comes when creating project. But still, it allows developer to develop custom plugins according to the needs and requirements of the app. Even it allows the developer to modify the admin panel according to his choice.

  • Secure and flexible APIs.

Strapi use APIs to deliver content and these APIs can be consumed from any client like React, Angular, Vue, mobile apps or even IoT using REST or GraphQL. More strapi has some built-in auth plugins that make sure that request API is accessed only by authorized users.

  • Grow and Scaleable products.

In tradition CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Shopify if you want to update the app you have to redesign it from scratch meaning you have to take a fresh start. But with the help of Headless CMS, you can only redesign that part which is required. Hence there is no need to do the whole project again.

Database overview in Strapi:

Strapi supports both SQL and no SQL databases. Hence it allows the developer to choose the database depending on the requirements and design of the project.  Currently, it supports MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.



Now you have a basic idea of what strapi is therefore in the next article will discuss how to install strapi on your machine.



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