The benefits of different load balancers for servers
The benefits of different load balancers for servers

The load balancers on servers ensure scalability, responsiveness, and flexibility of applications. What is a load balancer, and how it smooths the traffic on a server? It is a device that also works as a proxy reverser to balance a load of traffic on different servers. By transferring the load of traffic, it creates reliability and increases capacity of users to access resources. As in current network systems, concurrent users also need the availability of resources; the load balancer is necessary to provide timely resources.  

Working of the load balancer  

The load balancer is a medium as a controller between the server and the client. It uses various techniques to filter the traffic by communicating with backend servers. By doing so, the traffic communication requests go to multiple servers reducing the risk of failure. And if any of one server fails, load balancer shift requests to other servers providing responsiveness. The scaling of the infrastructure of an application server handles in a better way by the load balancer. It also adds new servers in the pool in case of application demands increases.  

There are versatile benefits of different load balancers for servers. It includes resiliency, security, and ultimate responsiveness. The various load balancers also use ADC (Application delivery controller) for enhanced performance.  

Here is the list of benefits of load balancers. After highlighting the benefits, we will also mention the best load balancers for servers.  



It works as an efficient manager and timely divides load of traffic by adding a new server in the pool. The load balancer collaborates with different cloud server’s data centers to transfer the load to unaffected serves when any emergency or disaster occurs.  

Increase uptime  

If any organization has servers located in different locations, then there is a need for a load balancer for time schedules. It helps in maintenance on suitable timing by shifting the load to available servers. Because of this downtime, issues, resolves, and scalability achieves to the full extent.  

Maintaining a website on multiple servers  

In case a site is on more than one server, and due to more traffic, one of the servers is not responding. Here the load balancer shifts the traffic to the server, which is working properly. It helps in achieving the redundancy of servers without affecting the performance of the website.  

Best load balancers for servers  

F5 networks  

All the big IT organizations are using an F5 load balancer for separate servers for providing different Applications. It utilizes multiple data centers for shifting traffic to many servers improving performance with security. F5 networks use GTM servers with GLSB methods to provide load balancing in larger network organizations. The GTM in it automates the traffic to the most appropriate route avoiding deadlocks.  


It is one of those load balancers, which improves the overall performance of DNS servers. The high availability of resources in a network with no software installation and hardware purchase makes it unique. It is also a plus point that it handles the larger organizations cost-effectively.  


The Incapsula load balancer provides all the features similar to Dyn. It mainly improves the overall structure of hybrid and physical deployments.  


All the features of Citrix are similar to F5 networks. It manages maintenance and backup timely. Critix has an additional feature of intelligent monitoring, which makes it desirable for larger IT organizations.  

The load balancers makes the cloud computing environment flexible and responsive. Not only this, but it also helps in achieving scalability and reliability.  

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