The changing views of people about iPhone 11
The changing views of people about iPhone 11 pro

In our recent articles, we compared the iPhone with the upcoming S11. The comparison of the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S11 revealed that iPhone basic hardware, less capacity battery, and missing fingerprint sensor would make upcoming S11 more desirable. Moreover, in our other article iPhone 11 pro features: hype and reality, we concluded that iPhone 11 only accomplished the camera addiction. All the other features do not suit fit to the price. Well, all these were the views of people in September when iPhone just launched. Now the changing views of people about the iPhone 11 pro have compelled us to provide details about the current experience of users about the iPhone 11.

Roller coaster change in views 

When the iPhone 11 not launched, people were obsessed with their introductory features. When it launched in September 2019, people called it a hype regarding specs and features. But now, as they used it more than a month, they started loving it. Even many people claim that it is worth buying just because of its unique camera. Are the changing views of people about iPhone 11 pro are only because of the quick take mode in iPhone 11 and 11 pro? Recently the people who were afraid that iPhone 11 has the same design and size as iPhone X now loving the new 11 and 11 pro. People thought it would not be an upgrade but after using it, they are admiring Apple that it’s not a regret. Let’s explore more facts about people experience:

Midnight green 

Apple has launched iPhone 11 pro in color “midnight green.” It makes the phone sometimes look grey and sometimes green. We have criticized Apple for the rise in price with fewer features, but now Apple deserves an apology as the new color range is truly astonishing and deserves an appraise.

Optical illusion 

Let’s jump to the iPhone 11 premium feature, and that is the enhanced rear camera. When it launched, we compared it to typo phobia, but now, because of the best photo quality, we take our words back. It has glossy camera bumps, and noticing it clearly makes you feel like you looked into someone’s deep eyes.

Ram and battery 

At the start, Apple criticized because of battery capacity less than newly launched androids, but with experience, it discolored that it works perfectly for hours. Even with the 4 GB RAM, the switching of applications is smoother than the previous Apple iPhone. Before launch, people expected a 6 GB RAM, but Apple made it smooth even with 4 GB RAM.

Night mode 

The iPhone 11 Pro is worth buying because of the features mentioned above. Here comes another perk, and that is capturing of perfect photos even in low light situations. Its telephotos lens helps in capturing 40% more light than recent models. If you have iPhone 11 pro, you will experience zero shutter lag. It stabilizes the image with OIS optical image. The telephoto zoom by holding a phone adjustable in hands makes the iPhone 11 unique than all other recently launched smartphones.

Future expectations 

As the iPhone 11 pro has made the users happy and satisfied with just a one-month experience. We expect this from the upcoming iPhone SE2 as well. The sequel of iPhone SE will enhance the user’s experience with versatile specs at less price. The users demand that like Samsung galaxy S11, upcoming iPhones also work on 5G and spectrometer or any other advanced feature to make iPhone users more proud.

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