The complete architecture and models of mobile cloud computing
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The data centers available on the internet grants the user 24/7 access. Not only the all-time access, but you can also keep check and balance regarding security. You can also keep an eye on redundancies, and it improves the face to face relationship as well. Have you ever thought about how we are getting these benefits in businesses quickly? The complete architecture and models of mobile cloud computing provide these ultimate benefits.

It is all due to cloud computing. It also makes the availability of computer resources, computing resources, and power easily accessible on-demand 24/7. The network of cloud servers is also improving the accessibility of computer resources readily available at any time and anywhere in the world. The edge servers enable the function distribution of the central server to the other servers. Today, there is also a high demand for mobile cloud computing because of commercial and enterprise benefits.  It is also crucial for business optimization so you should know about the complete architecture and models of mobile cloud computing.

Mobile cloud computing

Mobile computing is one of the essential branches of cloud computing. It makes the availability of abundant computational resources accessible to mobile users. It does so by combining mobile computing, wireless networks, and cloud computing. The cloud providers and the mobile network operators are getting enormous benefits by mobile cloud computing. It is leading the world towards rich mobile applications with extended functionalities like never. So here we will also elaborate on the complete architecture and models of mobile cloud computing. The knowledge about the mobile cloud computing will help you in understanding how to implement it. It will also help in to use the strategies beneficial for the businesses.

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The architecture of mobile cloud computing consists of BTS (base transceiver station) for the establishment of connection and functionalities. The BTS or satellite improves the functional interfaces between mobile devices and networks. The MCC architecture works upon the request of the mobile users. The mobile users’ request establishes a connection between the mobile servers and central processors. The request of mobile users demands the information like location and ID which servers transmit to central processors. The MCC architecture is responsible for providing the mobile services (comprising of authentication, accountability, and availability) to the users. These mobile services are provided based on databases data and the home agent. The mobile services offered by the MCC architecture based on service-oriented architecture and utility computing. The mobile devices developed on the concept of mobile computing service development are also no other than a supercomputer.

Mobile cloud service infrastructure

There are three models of mobile cloud service infrastructure:

  1. Software as a service (SaaS)
  2. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  3. Platform as a service (PaaS)


There are Software’s hosted by the cloud to grant them to users upon subscription. The Software as service is also a distributed software model for providing the applications to consumers over the internet. SaaS model offers services after the involvement of a third-party provider host for the granting of applications.


The virtualized computing resources are provided to consumers over the internet by utilizing the infrastructure as a service model. The WAN makes the availability of resources and services to the IaaS model. It also provides versatile services to escort data canters. The data centers consist of networking hardware, storage, and servers require the IaaS model for improved functionality.


The platform as a service model provides a complete-featured environment to the web developers for developing applications. These applications are cloud host-based and also demand web browsers to ensure availability to consumers. Is there any effect of GDPR on cloud computing?

Mobile computing has provided the streaming of businesses purposes and enhanced productivity. It also includes location flexibility, entertainment, and saves time. The mobile cloud computing is beneficial for us, so the research must go on to deal with frequent disconnections, resource scarcity, and mobility.

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