The forensic investigators are facing big challenges in cloud computing
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Cloud is the need of large as well as small companies, but it comes with unique concerns and problems. There are problems regarding security and privacy of data during subtle subcontracting data in the cloud. Distributed cloud environments face challenges regarding implementing security and policies in organizations. When any incident regarding the compromise of security occurs in an organization, Companies want to investigate it by their ways and means. But unfortunately, it is not possible in a cloud environment. Here we highlight a problem that The forensic investigators are facing big challenges in cloud computing.


Cloud service providers have their virtual curtain, which does not let customers to not see the critical things behind it. It is also the main reason that many organizations do not want to shift their IT infrastructure to the cloud. This reluctance of adaption arises when forensics investigators face problems during digital investigations. The main challenges which forensic investigators face are not to access the physical servers. It is the main hurdle in the digital investigation. Data processing in cloud environments also has decentralized nature. It does not let studies carried out conventionally. The complete knowledge of digital forensics and methods for investigations also need improvement.

Technically, forensics investigators are unable to perform digital investigations in the cloud as they perform without cloud environments. They do not have access to many resources such as data at rest (from the disk space), databases, and storage entities. Recently we discussed the challenges SaaS environment faces in forensic investigation. Here as we are talking about The forensic investigators are facing big challenges in cloud computing. So we will highlight the PaaS and IaaS environments.

PaaS environments 

The PaaS environments are friendly with the clients as the application is totally in control of them. It is less dependent on any cloud service provider; local development environment holds the source code of the application. As this is all in power of the client, it explains them in an elaborative manner the knowledge of dependencies of storage entities. The cloud service providers are liable for the transfer of information in a secure way, but this does not support to the client’s satisfaction. The clients also have the ability to interact with prepared API; this helps in specific logs extraction and system states. These logs files should not be in access of potential adversaries as they would get access to alter the log files. Even the application compromises during the run time.

Suggested Solution 

Run time environment required to implement the logging mechanisms. The logging mechanism comprised of encrypted log information and automatic sign control. It is all in control and done by clients. The encryption mechanism and additional signing are a hurdle for the eavesdropper. Not only this, they clear the way of logging server to get altered regarding information. The viewing of information also gets prevented for unauthorized users. The push only mechanisms are there for the compromise occur in the run time application. It pursues by data presupposing which assures that the attacked occurred after getting logged. PaaS environments enable the developers to get meaningful information from run time features set in a highly configurable pattern.

IaaS environments 

Sometimes adversaries are accountable for the compromise of the virtual instances in the cloud environment. Two things required for recovery in these scenarios, – that which items led the affected system to get compromised and why in virtual environment defenses did not work. The forensic investigation gets stronger after taking in to account such type of questions, and it gives awareness about the future situation regarding the compromise of the system. According to research, found that IaaS is more promising regarding the forensics investigation as compared to SaaS and PaaS environments. This fact prevailed as the clients take the screenshots of images with installed tools, which supports forensics investigation.

As in PaaS described above the automatic signing and encrypted systems can destroy the volatile data in the cases where maliciously motivated shutdown happens. In this, all scenario, IaaS provides the exact required information for the forensic investigation. With pieces of evidence, it makes the audience convinced that the client’s VM is all in control of cloud service providers. He is in charge of the hypervisor for defining hardware boundaries. The different VM hardware requests also get handled by it. So, there are some boundaries and limitations regarding responsibilities performed by the hypervisor in security implementation. It raises a question regarding communication of client with VM environments. The signing and the encryption mechanism compromises in the VM environment ultimately compromising the secret key. It indifference the risk in most of the cases, leaving a remarkable impact on high-security ecosystems.

Suggested Solution 

The mechanism of virtual introspection for the live forensics’ investigation adds a lot in helping material regarding the calculation of virtual instances. The virtual machines and the hypervisor support in viewing the state of the virtual machine other than being inspected. Because of this, the client’s sensitive data is at stake the hypervisor manages all the VM resources. It raises a research question regarding the thing whether the hypervisor is all in all in maintaining VM. The other thing is as they are getting endangered by a conceded hypervisor, they are creating a problem. It led to the loss of volatile data. The frequent data synchronization helps in mitigating the volatile data.

The non-cloud-based storage or the obstinate storage also mitigates the VM data. The run time data loss can not get reduced as the adversary is responsible for this loss of volatile data. It is all due to the carelessness in necessary safety measures of the cloud service providers. In the cases where the results show that instances compromised, It handled by the APIs. These APIs should be hand over to the clients for the forensic investigation. It all helps in scenarios of malicious behaviors and unintended shutdowns. The clients will be able to extract the required information from the APIs. As the APIs stores the knowledge of the specific instances at a given time, which helps in the initial investigation.


From the content as mentioned above, we concluded that in the presence of an inadequate budget for security possessions, cloud computing provides the numerous security benefits. But an ultimate challenged aroused for forensic investigators as a result of control loss by the vendors and the cloud environments.

The forensic investigators are facing big challenges in cloud computing. So, there should be a proper mechanism to deal with security requirements for the digital forensics’ investigation in cloud computing environments as the authority and access of rights get comprised in some cases. We suggest for the experimental situations to test the hypothesizes by supposing the absolute security compromised instances. The lack of accountability and access rights of the clients can affect the fast performance of cloud environments.

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