The growing importance of cybersecurity
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The different sectors of the world government, schools, hospitals, and financial institutes store their confidential information daily. The confidential information stored on computers is also vulnerable to security attacks.  Information shared to others through networks, arising a risk of security attacks. Whenever you are sharing a piece of information to anyone, chances are the hackers, or due to system crash, the data may compromise. It is the main reason that with increasing technologies advancements, the need for cybersecurity has increased. The growing importance of cybersecurity is also compelling the researchers to introduce solutions against cybersecurity attacks. It is a matter of national security, business, and personal information so computer systems must be secure.

Crucial components of security

The internet communication is insecure in some respects. The growing importance of cybersecurity is to handle cyber insecurities. Moreover, many hacking techniques are also making computer systems vulnerable to security risks. Lets first clear the concept of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is the protection of computer hardware, software, communication data, and network from unauthorized access. There are three triads of information security. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The confidentiality is that data is available to only authorized users. Integrity is that only authorized users can alter the data. Availability is that users can avail the services all the time without interference from hackers. There are attacks such as the denial of service, which makes the information unavailable to users. The fulfilling of these three triads in any organization ensure cybersecurity.

Numerous attacks are being carried out against three crucial components of security. The attacks against confidentiality are password attacks, dumpster diving, social engineering, keylogging, and the most common packet sniffing. The attacks against integrity are the man in the middle attack, salami attack, session hijacking attack, and data diddling attack. There are versatile attacks which are affecting the availability of information to the users. The server environment attacks, denial of service, distributed denial of service, and syn flooding are compromising the availability in networks. The growing importance of cybersecurity is due to the increasing number of security attacks threatening the cyber world.

The need for cybersecurity

There are many factors which support the fact of the necessity of cybersecurity. The people want their online transactions and communication to be secured. The cases of identity theft and assault are increasing day by day. Hackers have also launched new security attacks leading to the need for cybersecurity. The cybercrimes such as industrial espionage, child pornography, frauds regarding credit cards, and phishing demand the world to be secure. There are worms, viruses, and trojan horse making the cyber communication vulnerable to destruction, unavailable, and theft. The necessity of cybersecurity has increased in the world as cyber crimes have increased. The countries which are using the internet most are prone to cybercrimes.

Researches to ensure cybersecurity

The new security mechanisms and technologies are introduced by the researchers to deal with cybersecurity threats. The cryptography has secured the cyber world by adding many security protocols. The techniques such as digital signatures, certificates, hashing, and encryption have helped the world to fight against security attacks. The people feared the most was about online money transactions. The cryptography has worked for this fear by introducing blockchain. The cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin have eliminated the fear of theft and fraud. Secure transactions are making people invest in the business more.  The encryption protocols such as Diffie Hellman key exchange are providing confidentiality. The hashing algorithms such as SHA1 – SHA3 are providing integrity during communication over the internet. So, the growing importance of cybersecurity has also introduced new security techniques.

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