The important tools and processes of Penetration testing
The important tools and processes of Penetration testing

The vulnerability assessment and penetration testing help to identify the weaknesses of computer systems. It also helps to find out the possible solutions to eradicate the vulnerabilities of systems and to make them secure. Why is it essential to find vulnerabilities in a computer system? Because of the latest advancements in cybersecurity attacks, hackers are giving a tough time to organizations regarding data protection. Several security breaches have been introduced by hackers, which can compromise the confidentiality, availability, and integrity in an organization. So, the essential tools and processes of penetration testing help in extracting vulnerabilities and then their solutions. There are also other benefits of pen testing listed as follows: 


Before we move towards the important tools and processes of Penetration testing, here are some benefits which you need to know. After knowing these benefits, the pen tester will be able to identify threats and vulnerabilities in a better way.  

Mitigation plan  

The penetration testing helps in estimating the mitigation plan to fulfill the security gaps. The estimated mitigation plan will identify all that information loss, which weakened customer trust.  

Instant identifier  

The pen testing tools are also an instant identifier. They inform timely about modified users’ policies and newly added applications or network infrastructures (like Operating systems and resources). In addition to this, the GDPR test must also comply with vulnerability assessments to make organizations network security to a great extent.  

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, pen-testing also helps in business continuity by protecting third parties and client’s information. It also helps in evaluating the security investment required in any organization following compliance with GDPR and PCI DSS. Timely penetration testing and vulnerability assessment also reduce the chances of client-side security attacks.  

Penetration Testing Process  

The pen testing process is classified into five stages  

Planning and reconnaissance 

Before pen testing, a pen tester starts analysis about which systems to be addressed. Like to make a plan and set goals of the pen test. This stage also involves the gathering of information about the domain, network, and server names.  


It the phase which decides like how the targeted traffic will be affected after intrusion attempts. It done by doing dynamic and static analysis.  

Gaining access  

We come to know about the vulnerabilities when we perform an attack. Like which loophole helped us to get into the network. Pen testers perform the cross-site scripting, backdoor, or SQL injection attacks to extract vulnerabilities from a system.  

Maintaining access 

This stage comprised of the analysis like for how long because of the vulnerabilities the attacker is going to stay in the network.  

Final analysis  

It is the documentation that provides a summary of the stages mentioned above. Like for how pen testers find out the vulnerabilities. Which attacker performed? For how long the attacker remains persistent in the network.  


There are various tools for penetration testing. The pen testers must gather the complete knowledge of the process and means of pen-testing. Because only a skillful and well informed about every knowledge can perform vulnerability assessment and pen testing in an organization. Here is the list of tools and their brief descriptions. 


It is one of the most widely accepted tools for penetration testing because it provides vulnerability scanning remotely. It also includes control checks which enhance security in an organization.  


Nmap does port and network services scanning. It also supports the vulnerability scanning of protocols.   

Clan and Abel  

The operating system vulnerability scanning is essential for fulfilling security standards. Clan and Abel does the OS scanning and packet sniffing. It also helps in identifying which type of security attack can affect the overall performance of the network. Clan and Abel perform the password cracking and crypt-analysis to identify the weaknesses of the system.  


By using the technique of Metasploit, this tool runs a set of codes to identify the weakness of every application in an operating system. It mainly scans the Linux, Windows, and Apple Mac Operating systems.  

All the knowledge mentioned above declares that all the important tools and processes of Penetration testing make the survival of a network possible after a security attack. So, a pen tester must know the complete knowledge of pen testing and vulnerability assessment to make the network free from risks of threat and security breaches.  

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