Unlimited storage on Google photos for new iPhone users
Unlimited storage on Google photos for new iPhone users

The new iPhone 11 series has come up with the advanced features and some gifts, as well. We are talking about the unlimited storage on Google photos for new iPhone users. The Google Pixel 4 is going to launch on October 24, 2019, and it confirmed already that it would not provide unlimited media storage like previous Google pixel versions. In this article, we will highlight why Google pixel will not provide unlimited backup? We will also explain how iPhone users will get unlimited storage? Let’s have a quick view of all the good pieces of news which Apple has given to its users this year. 

A quick view of all the good news 

At the start of this year, Apple announced the launch of its 11 and 11 pro series. The first good news was about the audio playback update. It enables the users to listen to audio media files in the notification window. Apple’s night mode feature and the upcoming deep fusion mode excited the users to a great extent. Not only this, the quick take video mode in iPhone 11 is one of the most loved good news for iPhone users this year. Now the latest good news up till now is unlimited storage on Google photos for new iPhone users.

Apple is providing ease to its users to a great extent, even the users who can not afford much will also enjoy perks with upcoming SE2. Yes, Sequel of iPhone SE is indeed coming in 2020: with iPhone 8 internals. iPhone 11 pro when launched criticized because of its over pricing. But now the changing views of people about iPhone 11 pro are because of these good news.

How will iPhone users get original quality backups?

The image format for iPhone is HEIF (high-efficiency image file format) because of HEIC (high-efficiency image coding). These image formats upload on Google in its original contents. The iPhone users, using the Google Photos App on their iOS devices, will now create an unlimited backup. It will work by just checking the option of a high-quality storage option on the iOS App. Here are simple steps that will help you in enabling this option quickly if you are an iPhone user. 

How to enable “High-quality storage option.”

  1. Search for settings on your home screen. In the settings, select the option camera
  2. In the camera menu, select the option of format
  3. In all the present options, there will be an option of high efficiency. Deselect the “most compatible” and select the high-efficiency mode
  4. The high-efficiency mode checked by default. But sometimes many users are on non-compatible mode to transfer media to third parties. So, if it is the case that you intentionally switched mode to non-compatible, then perform the step mentioned above. Otherwise, Apple, by default, gives you high-efficiency mode
  5. After enabling the mode, download the Google Photos App on your iOS device 
  6. Now launch the App and select the “high-quality mode” from the menu bar. 

So, by performing the steps mentioned above, Apple users will enjoy the unlimited storage on Google photos. 


The Pixel 4 series will not get the unlimited backup for their media because of JPG and JPEG image format. Compressing these image formats require computation power and does not compress to the level of HEIC/HEIF. So, Pixel 4 users will have to pay for their media backup, whereas on the other hand, iPhone users will enjoy this free of cost. According to recent news, the Android 10 version users will also enjoy unlimited storage for free. Until then, only iPhone users will enjoy this and will save money as compared to android users.

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