When to use redux and redux saga
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Redux and Redux Saga are popular react libraries, integrate with React to develop more sophisticated applications. There is a difference between both. Here in this article, we will highlight when to use redux and redux saga. The react developers adore redux as a prevalent state management library. Where there is a need to debug an application securely, developers use redux. Redux makes the code simpler to test and manages the state of an application efficiently. Its all about the display game like how the app will look to the user. The redux helps developers to decide this. Redux makes secure development with innovative tools.

So, where does it stands in development? It helps in organizing side effects of redux. We can say that redux offers its solutions in the form of redux-saga and thunk. Let’s see the proper features and uses of both. 


It is an open-source JavaScript library for the management of state applications. Redux incorporates with other libraries such as angular and React. The integration of libraries helps in building efficient user interfaces. Redux has similar architecture just like Flux and programming features like ELM (programming language). It has limited and straightforward API, provides a container for application state. Still, there is confusion regarding when to use redux and redux saga? So, to answer this, we will see how this cross-platform works and reasons for using redux. 

When to use redux 

Data sharing 

Some components, such as information in pages and titles bar, lacks a direct relationship. It helps in providing an easy data sharing way in the session state. Redux also helps in mapping application state to multiple container components. If as a developer, you need convenient data sharing, then redux incorporates with other libraries to provide this. 

Global access 

Redux allows components such as tooltips, notifications, interactive tutorials, and snack bars to be accessed from anywhere. It will enable global access to elements from anywhere by creating actions. The actions created further dispatch commands for components. 


Redux handles the properties when many pass-through multiple levels of hierarchies. It does the refactoring of properties when many props allotted to higher-level components. It is because the higher-level components use some accessories and shift all other properties to lower-level components. So, in this case, it does factoring. 

Readable code 

Some components comprised of several lines of code. It becomes challenging to maintain and reason these components. Redux separates the system from the state management with the help of reducer. After doing this, it divides the code in chunks and makes it more readable. 


The redux does the page caching to make the things remain the same. Now let’s jump to saga to see how it is different from redux. What are the uses, and when to use redux and redux saga? 

Redux Saga 

The names are almost the same; there is only an addition of saga. It depicts the handling of side effects in Redux applications. Redux Saga is a redux middleware library. So, answer for when to use redux saga is that use it when you need testing of asynchronous flows. It efficiently handles the failures, manages and executes the applications efficiently. The redux saga was generated to deal with the side effects of redux applications. Contrary to redux-thunk, it also creates a complete logic of event processing stream. Redux saga works at the background of an application to decide what to do with the dispatched actions. 

Reasons to use redux saga 

Testing ease 

The impure things like browser cache and data fetching (asynchronous items) easily managed by saga. It is one of the unusual features which makes the easy testing of code and efficient execution. 

Declarative effects 

The generator functions implement the sagas in redux. It yields the plain java scripts objects which are the effects. The middleware extract information from this object. It finally makes the impact on the middleware to perform some operations. The operations involve action dispatching and adducing asynchronous functions. 


The main reason to use it is to achieve sequences of side effects in an organized way. If you want to write the synchronous and asynchronous events in a declarative and straightforward style, it is the best choice. 

So, as concluding remarks, we would say that redux integrate with react and other frameworks to build efficient user interfaces whereas redux saga handles the sequences of side effects of that generated redux applications in an efficient way. 

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