Which things optimize the performance of computer
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The world wants a quick response in everything, whether it’s about WhatsApp msg or the running of applications in a computer system. Our laptop, desktop, and all the computer devices are our asset. And all the assets in the world need maintenance. Have you ever experienced installation cancel of any application on your computer? You have experienced memory degradation for sure. Before moving towards which things optimize the performance of the computer, we will highlight the reasons for bad performance.

Reasons for the lousy performance of computer 

There are many reasons which slow down performance. The primary reason is the running out of RAM and disk drive space. Many of the applications run at the background which depletes the memory of any computer system. The other main problem behind the lousy performance computer is low processing power due to overburdened network.

Similarly, adding more application software’s can make the startup process long to load. It affects the performance of the computer system to a great extent. The Windows page file configured in the wrong way can also slow down the computer. Additionally, old hardware and unnecessary software also make the machine to perform slow. The inability of laptop fan to dissipate heat also slows down the computer performance and lead to the loud noise of laptop fan.

There are numerous reasons which affect the performance of the computer. So, which things optimize the performance of the computer. Here is the complete list which will help you in improving the performance of your system.

Uninstall crapware 

The first and the crucial actions which can improve the performance of your computer system is uninstallation of crapware and bloatware. As we all know, that process needs resources to get the start. But the unimportant applications running in the background depletes the systems resources. It makes the process deadlocked and slow down the speed of the computer. So, remove the crapware and free up the disk space enough to load the programs efficiently.

Installing more RAM

How many of you use Windows 10 on your computer systems? We are asking this because it uses less RAM and system work in a faster manner. The contrary of these the older version of windows and hardware makes the computer slow. So, here we suggest the installation of more RAM. It is comparatively easy to add RAM in older versions of the laptop rather in new detachable laptops. There is no need to worry if you have the older version of the computer. Just install more RAM and work in a faster manner as the latest computer systems do.

Disk Cleanup 

There is an option of disk cleanup in our computer systems. It helps us to detect the temporary files and applications which we do not use. Disk cleanup is one of the easiest ways in which you can speed up your computer system in seconds.

Clean cache or change the browser 

Sometimes we are just having an issue in the browsing. It is mainly due to overburdened cache or browser not compatible with the system. So, here to speed up the computer system empty the cache. If it still does not perform well then switch your browser.


While browsing sometimes we install the malicious program in our system. So, check for these malware and viruses and clean up the computer system. Most of the times when we install antiviruses from third-party vendors, then chances are more likely that it will come up with viruses. Try to install antiviruses from an authentic source because it will help you in removing viruses and speed up the computer processes.

Anyone who wants his computer to load processes fastly, try to remove unnecessary files. Your computer will also run programs faster when you will use authentic applications and will not install from malicious sources.

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