Will Samsung Galaxy S11 be the best phone in 2020?
Will Samsung Galaxy S11 be the best phone in 2020?

All of us think that the Samsung Note series comes with astonishing features. But in 2020, S11 is going to rock because of its spectrometer and other versatile features. With the recent launch of Galaxy Note 10 on August 2019, Samsung has bigger plans for consumers in 2020. Although after Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has also launched Note 10 plus still it seems Samsung wants to enhance more features for consumers. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S11 will be released in February or march in 2020. Will Samsung Galaxy S11 be the best phone in 2020? Yes, from announced features, it seems that it will give a tough time to Apple manufactures. Let’s have a look at the advertised specs and price of Samsung Galaxy S11.



What the first things any user notes about a cell phone? The hardware and color. S11 will also have exciting colors just as Note 10 and Note 10 plus. It will also be launched in colors Aura white, pink, glow, and black. If we expect how the hardware will be, then it will contain an enhanced number of cameras on the phone. Whether its Apple manufactures, Oppose or Samsung a competition has raised regarding more cameras in cell phones. It will also follow the legacy of Apple in the case of removing the headphone jack. With the launch of the iPhone 7, Apple nixed headphone jack. Later, all the other smartphones started eliminating headphone jack. So, still, Will Samsung Galaxy S11 be the best phone in 2020. Let’s see additional features and specifications and then decide in the end.


The new snapdragon 865 processor will make the performance of S11 smoother. It will also be having Exynos chips of 5nm. The requirement of the 5G modem will get eliminate with this processor and chips. It will also support both UFS 3.0 and LPDDR5x memory.

Screen size 

The Galaxy S11 will come in two versions, that is S11 and S11 plus. Their announced sizes will be 6.1 and 6.4 inches, respectively.

Battery capacities 

The battery capacities of S11 and S11 plus will be 3400mah and 4100mah, respectively. Like S10, which charges 27% faster than S9, similarly S11 will also load more quickly. It will provide an extended day usage with a one-time charge daily.

Camera lens 

S11 will astonish the world with its camera features. It will provide a 5x optical zoom with the help of the periscopic glass. The 108Mp sensor will make the images more zoom in or zoom out without affecting the image quality. It has made a massive difference with S10 in this regard. Like, S1o was launched with 12 MP snappers, and S11 will launch with 108 MP snapper. With all these features it will also be available in single and dual selfie cameras. There will be a set of 5MP, 13MP, 13Mp and 16MP cameras in S11. Well! We are excited that S11 will capture amazing photos with this advanced featured camera.


Oo! Give a break. Is this the specs of a phone or a chemistry instrument? Well, S11 will indeed launch with a built-in spectrometer in it. It will tell you about the amount of sugar in things to help you not to gain weight. Like Apple Health, Samsung is taking care of health to the next level. It will also notify the heart rate and steps count during jogging.

Price range 

The S11 will come with different models. The estimated price for the S11 will be from $749 to $999. The features are just perfect, and the price range is equal to the iPhone 11 and 11 pro. In fact, it will be best than iPhone 11 as it provides battery capacities greater than iPhone 11 and 11 pro. And one more positive point is the spectrometer. Well! With the features mentioned above and specifications, expectations are that S11 will be the best phone in 2020.

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